Customer calls Five Guys ‘overrated’ after spending $20 on ‘ice cold’ meal

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‘I will pay for an overpriced burger just for the fries’: Customer calls Five Guys ‘overrated’ after spending $20 on ‘ice cold’ meal

'Use to be goated but they’ve been slacking.'


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Posted on Jun 19, 2023

A customer who was once a fan of Five Guys is now calling the chain “overrated.”

MrFeast (@mrfeastfood) is a Canada-based TikToker who makes food-related content. His most recent trip to Five Guys had him questioning whether the workers made his burger with their “eyes closed.” He said the chain “used to be goated” but is now “slacking.”

“This is why Five Guys is overrated,” MrFeast begins in a video that was viewed over 22,000 times. “Right off the rip, you’re paying $11 dollars for a cheeseburger. Adding fries and a drink, the total is like $22.”

When his food arrives, he zooms in on the burger.

“Look at this bun. It looks terrible,” he says. “It was also ice cold.”

MrFeast opens the burger so users can see its construction. “Did they make this with their eyes closed?” he asks. “This is terrible.”

Though he isn’t pleased with his burger, his review takes a positive note when he begins eating the fries. “It’s nothing that their cajun fries can’t save,” he explains.

He gives his final review, rating the burger a “seven out of 10” and the fries a “nine out of 10.”

@mrfeastfood Use to be goated but they’ve been slacking 🥱 ( the patty melt is a 9.5 tho) #vancouver #vancouverfoodie #vancouverbc #vancouverfood #vancouvereats #fiveguys #fiveguysburgersandfries ♬ Welcome to The 604 – Kresnt & Alon.Wav

Users were split on the review and discussed whether or not Five Guys is up to par. Many stepped up to defend their favorite burger chain, while others agreed its food now lacks quality.

“I will pay for an overpriced burger just for the fries,” one said.

“Honestly depends on the location. I’ve had one 5 miles apart from each other and completely different experiences,” another suggested.

“It’s pretty good especially if you compare it to a restaurant burger not a fast food one,” a third claimed.

Users also questioned MrFeast’s review score.

In response to one viewer who questioned how he trashed the burger but still gave it an “above average score,” MrFeast said, “If it’s under 8 it’s not worth waiting in line.”

The Daily Dot reached out to MrFeast and Five Guys via email.

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*First Published: Jun 19, 2023, 2:15 pm CDT