FedEx driver's legs covered in bruises with caption 'my fedex legs' (l) FedEx worker onloading boxes from FedEx truck (c) FedEx driver speaking with caption 'GIRL??? WHAT THE HELL-' (r)

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‘Are you okay??!’: Viewers horrified at FedEx worker’s leg bruises. What caused them?

‘I worked at FedEx too and my legs were the same.’


Stacy Fernandez


A FedEx worker went viral on TikTok after showing viewers a number of bruises her leg had amassed while on the job.

User @yomafavpoolboy posted the now-viral video, where she joked that she sometimes wonders why “every person” she passes in public stares at her in shock. Then she said that she remembers what her legs look like.

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@yomafavpoolboy later showed viewers her legs, which were covered in bruises.

“my fedex legs,” @yomafavpoolboy wrote in the text overlay.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @yomafavpoolboy via TikTok comment and to FedEx via email. As of Wednesday morning, the video had more than 1.1 million views with a number of viewers horrified at the bruises. 

“Are you okay??!” one commenter asked.

“GIRL??? WHAT THE HELL,” another said.

In a second, follow-up video, @yomafavpoolboy explained where the bruises came from. She started by telling viewers that she’s not being abused and is “perfectly safe.”

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“I follow all of the safety guidelines,” @yomafavpoolboy said. “I just bruise really easily.”

The worker explained that her building has chutes, and she often works alone. As a dancer, she has more lower-body strength than upper-body strength, so she tends to use her legs for heavy lifts and to pry boxes up. 

“Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. You hit yourself on poles, on railings, rollers, the boxes,” @yomafavpoolboy said. “That’s just a part of the job.”

She continued: “I knew that when I signed up for it… If I have some bruises and stuff, it doesn’t bother me.”

At the end of her second video, the FedEx worker said that she was thankful for commenters who shared similar stories about their own bruising.

“Nah I worked at FedEx too and my legs were the same,” one person wrote. 

“ME WHEN I WORKED FOR AMAZON LOL,” another shared. 

“I’m the same,” a third person wrote. “My legs look like yours.”

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