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‘Your eye will collapse’: Woman goes to the eye doctor after not getting an exam in forever. She discovers a hole in her eye

'Hey, here's a fun little horror story-slash-warning for you guys.'


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Posted on Feb 9, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:33 pm CST

In a compelling TikTok video that has rapidly garnered over 189,000 views, popular TikToker Diana (@dianaoftherose) shares a startling discovery about her health that underscores the importance of routine eye exams. Her story, a mixture of shock and cautionary advice, has resonated with many, prompting discussions about the unexpected turns a simple eye doctor visit can take—in her case, revealing a hole.

“Hey, here’s a fun little horror story-slash-warning for you guys,” Diana begins, immediately capturing her audience’s attention. Her subsequent account of what was supposed to be a routine visit to the eye doctor turns into a harrowing tale of discovery. “I went to my optometrist… I didn’t feel like my eyesight was getting any worse or anything,” she recounts, setting the scene for an unexpected diagnosis that followed a series of tests conducted by her optometrist.

The turning point in her narrative comes when her doctor takes a closer look at her left eye. “And this time, my doctor, like, stopped. And then he started checking my left eye over and over again,” Diana explains, describing the moment her appointment took an unforeseen turn. The optometrist’s concern led to a shocking revelation: “I think there’s a hole in your eye,” she recalls her specialist saying.

Diana’s recounting of her experience sheds light on a rare but serious condition that can lead to a “collapse” of the eye if left untreated. “But if that hole does ever rupture…you will go blind in that eye permanently. And there will be nothing they can do about it. Your eye will collapse,” she shares, conveying the gravity of her situation.

As explained by a specialist, the potential solution involved sealing the hole with a laser, a procedure with risks. “But that has potential side effects, and it could make your vision worse,” Diana relays, highlighting the difficult decision she faced. Ultimately, the advice was to monitor her vision for new floaters, a sign that the condition could worsen. “If you see any new floaters in your vision, don’t bother going to the ER. They won’t be able to help you. Come to us,” she recounts the specialist’s words.

Diana’s video is not just a personal anecdote but a potent reminder of the importance of regular eye examinations. “So get your eyes checked, please, for the love of God,” she urges, echoing a sentiment shared by many who viewed her video. Her experience illustrates how routine health checks can uncover hidden issues, potentially saving individuals from irreversible damage.

One commenter noted, “Eye doc checking in; risk level is VERY low if they didn’t decide to laser it. Keep an eye out for those flashes and floaters, and you’ll be okay!” Another even had a potential diagnosis for the hole in her eye: “It’s called lattice degeneration and happens a lot when you have myopia (near-sightedness). I have extreme myopia and got the same diagnosis.”

It’s unclear what, exactly, she has. But it could also be a macular hole. Per the Cleveland Clinic, these rare hole affect about 7 people per 100,000 annually: “Sometimes, the jelly-like substance that fills your eye—the vitreous humor—changes its consistency and, as it shrinks, it can pull on the central macula and cause a macular hole to form,” it writes. “A macular hole can affect vision in a variety of ways, but it mainly affects your central vision (the things that you can see in the center of your vision). It affects activities like driving and reading.”

“I always passed on eye dilations because they’re inconvenient,” said one commenter. “I finally did and found out I had a freckle on the inside of my eye that could have been cancer. Luckily, it wasn’t, but a good wake-up call!”


Huge caveat, this hole thing is only common in people who have really bad eyesight. If your vision is fine, you’re probably fine. Not here to fearmonger or anything.

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Her story resonates deeply with viewers, many of whom shared their experiences and concerns in the comments section. Diana’s candid sharing has sparked a broader conversation about eye health, the capabilities and limitations of medical interventions, and the critical role of preventive care. Through her TikTok clip, Diana not only shared her ordeal but also emphasized a universal message: The necessity of prioritizing one’s health, starting with something as seemingly simple as an eye doctor visit.

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*First Published: Feb 9, 2024, 1:00 am CST