Enterprise Rent-a-Car customer films worker wearing a black polo shirt behind desk

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‘Sounds like he was calmly explaining the situation?’: Enterprise Rent-a-Car customer films worker for the ‘bullsh*t he tried on my lady.’ Viewers defend him

‘they talking to him like his last name is Enterprise.’


Marlin Ramos


While renting a car at Enterprise, two customers say they were misled by an employee. They captured the situation with the manager on camera—but viewers are torn.

In the video, Kevin (@kevcuisine1) is recording from in front of the counter at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch in Queens, New York, while his “lady,” presumably his partner, is to his right and an Enterprise manager is behind the counter.

They’re upset about their so-called “security deposit.” They’re also upset about the daily rates.

The video has gotten over 720,000 views and more than 3,800 comments

“He did told me about $29.22, but he didn’t say that the actual car cost $57 a day,” says Kevin’s partner. 

“I apologize that there’s been a misunderstanding, but that $30 is not covering anything. It’s a $30 contribution towards the car. The minimum the car is is $59.22,” says the Enterprise manager.

While Kevin and his partner in the video feel that they have been scammed, people in the comments are pointing out that they actually got a deal and that they should have read their contract better.

@kevcuisine1 #CapCut poor represenration from Enterprise Manager. Dont book your rental with 118-30 Hillside Ave they will charge you then give you this bullshit he tried on my lady. She handled him right #enterprise #enterpriserentacar #enterpriserentalcareer #shaderoom #foxnews #cnn #exposed #upsetcustomer #badcustomerservice #poorrepresentation ♬ original sound – Kevin Lawrence

“Ummm $30 a day for a rental car especially from enterprise y’all should be happy with that and the guy is calmly explaining the confusion to y’all,” noted one commenter.

“First rule of adulthood. If you sign you are acknowledging you understand the terms of what you sign,” noted another commenter.

It seems that a few points of confusion were with the security deposit and the fact that Enterprise makes you pay a fee for the car in addition to a daily fee for renting the car. It’s unclear if Enterprise returns the security deposit or not, which was a point of tension in the video.

“You take it or it’s a security deposit?” Kevin asked.

“Either way, we take it,” the Enterprise manager responded

“So you take $300, you’re telling people that it’s a security deposit, but yet you’re taking it, correct? That’s scamming,” Kevin responded.

Despite the confusion, plenty of commenters have applauded the manager for his conduct of the situation.

“Sounds like he’s calmly explaining the misunderstanding??” noted one commenter.

“The employee getting tag teamed & still handled himself very professionally!! sounds more like the renters no comprende! great job enterprise!” noted another.

Even Kevin responded to one comment applauding the Enterprise manager in agreement.

“Indeed he was helpful but his partner made the mistake,” Kevin noted. 

According to Kevin, the Enterprise employee they spoke to when they first rented the car did not communicate clearly about the prices and is the cause of the confusion.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Enterprise for comment via email, and Kevin via TikTok comment.

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