job gives ex-worker 48 hours to return MacBook and monitor. It won’t fit in the package supplied by company


‘Don’t send any of it’: WFH job gives ex-worker 48 hours to return MacBook and monitor. It won’t fit in package supplied by employer

‘They didn’t say in working condition.’


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Work from home jobs have become increasingly popular due to benefits such as increased flexibility and less time spent commuting. However, as one TikToker’s recent video shows, working from home also comes with its own set of problems.

The video was posted by Leslie (@lesssbessst) on March 9 and has since racked up over 1.5 million views. In the video, she talks about her struggle with returning a company MacBook and monitor after quitting her job.

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She explains that her former employer sent her a package with a 48-hour deadline to return the equipment, but the box provided did not fit the monitor.

“I tried all these different ways to get the stupid monitor in here but the box is a square and that monitor is a rectangle,” she says in the video.

Leslie adds, “I reached out… saying ‘Hey, sent me the wrong sized box for this monitor’ and yet no one’s gotten back to me.” She then ends the video by jokingly threatening to “throw hands” if she gets in trouble for not returning the equipment on time.

The video quickly became viral, with many viewers going to the comment section to offer their advice on how to ship the monitor back to the company.

“Look up square box into rectangle,” one commenter said.

“Nothing they can do. Zilch. You do owe it back, but if you quit, they can’t hold your check hostage or anything. Send it when they send the right box,” a second commenter remarked.

“They didn’t say in working condition,” a third jokingly said.

Many other commenters suggested Leslie should put the monitor diagonally into the box, with one saying, “Diagonal?” which triggered a response from Leslie. On March 13, she posted a follow-up TikTok, explaining that she’s already tried all of the recommendations and proceeded to demonstrate that the monitor simply doesn’t fit into the box.

“Why would I break down the box and go out of my way to send this back to them when they made me miserable to begin with?” Leslie questioned in the video. “I literally quit this job for a reason, and I’m not going to go out of my way to make sure this freakin’ box and monitor go together.”

Despite the frustration, Leslie did confirm that her ex-employer would be sending her a new box. “I’m not going to talk about this anymore,” she concluded.

The Daily Dot reached out to Leslie for comment via email.

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