Bartender shares drinks to order for people who don’t like the taste of alcohol

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‘Besides a vodka cranberry’: Bartender shares drinks to order for people who don’t like the taste of alcohol

'Called me OUT w the vodka cran.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Oct 5, 2023

If you don’t like the taste of alcohol but still want to get lit, a bartender on TikTok has just the drinks for you.

In a viral video, beloved TikTok bartender Michelle (@michellebellex) says she’s seen it happen over and over that people will get nervous trying to decide on what to order that doesn’t taste too much like alcohol. Oftentimes, the person will panic order a vodka cranberry even though it’s obviously not what they really want.

To help those people who struggle with what to order, she put together a list of yummy-tasting drinks that virtually every bartender will be able to make. She even specified exactly how to verbalize the order.

Before getting into the list, Michelle said that the only problem people might run into when ordering these drinks is that the bar may not have specific liquors. In case that happens, she suggests having a backup drink order so you don’t end up with yet another vodka cranberry.

@michellebellexo If you don’t like the taste of alcohol and you have anxiety when ordering at a bar here are some easy drinks to order besides a vodka cranberry that every bartender will know how to make 🥰 #anxiety #bartender #fruitydrinks #sweetdrinks #justturned21 #easydrinks #indecisive ♬ original sound – Michelle Charlotte Bartender

For those who want a cheat sheet of her suggestions, here are all the drinks the bartender recommended. Screenshot it for the next time you need to order a drink at a bar:

  • Crown Royal Apple or Peach with cranberry juice or Sprite
  • Fireball with pineapple juice
  • Amaretto Sour (almond liqueur with bourbon, lime juice, lemon juice, egg white, and simple syrup) or Amaretto with Coke or Diet Coke
  • Midori Sour (melon liqueur with vodka, lemon juice, lime juice and club soda)
  • Malibu Sunset (coconut rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine) or Malibu Bay Breeze (which replaces orange juice with cranberry juice)
  • Flavored Deep Eddy vodka with Sprite
  • Vodka and RedBull

Michelle is a very popular bartender on TikTok who shares tips and drink suggestions, as well as skits about her life as a bartender. She has a whopping 4.3 million-person following on TikTok.

The video resonated with viewers, earning more than 3.8 million views and over 3,400 comments as of Thursday morning.

Several people said that they certainly do order vodka crans when they’re not sure what else to get.

“Called me OUT w the vodka cran,” a person said.


Others shared their own drink suggestions.

“For a no alcohol taste I really like cherry vodka sours with grenadine!!” a commenter shared.

“Crown peach & gingerale— delicious & a little dangerous because you don’t taste alcohol at all,” another said.

The Daily Dot has previously covered a few of Michelle’s videos, including one about how delighted she was that people chose to leave their car in the bar parking lot instead of drinking and driving and another where she shares a hack for getting money from customers whose credit cards decline after they walk out on their tabs.

The Daily Dot reached out to Michelle for comment via email.

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*First Published: Oct 5, 2023, 9:15 am CDT