Starbucks app ordering screen with caption '(You can do it with iced tea as well! Not refreshers though)' (l) hand holding phone with Starbucks app open on screen (c) Starbucks app ordering screen with caption '(You can do it with iced tea as well! Not refreshers though)' (r)

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‘Get double the drinks’: Starbucks customer shares hack for getting drink valued at 200 stars for only 100 stars

‘You might as well change the size to venti or trenta.’


Parks Kugle


Posted on Jul 25, 2023

A Starbucks customer recently demonstrated how to get a drink normally valued at 200 stars for only 100 stars.

Starbucks Rewards is a loyalty program that utilizes a point system to reward customers. The program is solely for customers who have a registered Starbucks card or who purchase through the app. TikTok creator E.C. (@e_c.98) shared a short video, showing how viewers can receive a full drink for half of the usual amount of star rewards. The video has garnered more than 40,000 views and 916 likes.

@e_c.98 Starbucks star redemtion 100 stars for a handcrafted-drink hack! Get double the drinks with your stars! #starbucks #rewards #starbucksstars #savinghacks ♬ original sound – E. C.

In the video, E.C. explained how Starbucks customers can get a discounted drink while navigating her Starbucks app.

“Here’s how you can use 100 stars instead of 200 stars for a personal handcrafted drink,” E.C. began. “Go into the menu and select cold coffees.”

“You have to go down into iced coffees,” E.C. continued. A text overlay appears on the bottom of her screen explaining that iced coffees and iced teas can both purchased for 100 stars, but refreshers will cost 200 stars.

“You might as well change the size to venti or trenta,” she advised as she selected iced coffee with milk. “Then you can fully customize it.”

E.C. takes viewers through the different add ons, selecting multiple types of foams, syrups and flavorings, showing how it doesn’t affect the overall cost.

“When I go to the cart you can see all the different add ons, but it still says it’s a 100 star item,” she concluded.

Some commenters were thankful for the demonstration, while others pointed out that the hack is common knowledge for loyalty program members. The Daily Dot reached out to E.C. via TikTok comments and Starbucks via email for further information.

“Oh this is amazing, thank you so much,” a user exclaimed about E.C.’s video.

“I added cold foam to mine,” another user said after trying out the hack.

“What’s the hack cuz it literally says hot or iced coffees for 100 stars on the main stars screen,” one user asked.

“I miss when it was 50 stars but I always do this with the [Caffè] Misto for a hot coffee/latte,” another person added.

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2023, 10:33 pm CDT