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‘The bag smells, not the food’: DoorDash customer says her Applebee’s order smells like weed and cigarettes—she wants a refund

‘This happens to me ALL THE TIME.’


Melody Heald


After a customer said that her DoorDash order from Applebee’s smelled like smoke, she took to social media to criticize the system. But not everyone agreed that she was entitled to her money back.

The video featured TikTok user Marija Lezaja (@marijalezaja). The content creator explained how she ordered Applebee’s through DoorDash because she “didn’t feel like cooking.” Immediately, she shared how her driver called her, and was allegedly unprofessional. “‘Yo, I’m on the side of your building and shit. Where you at?’” the creator recalled the driver saying, adding that there was “a girl giggling in the background.” 

After receiving her order, Lezaja said the bag “reeked of cigarettes and weed.” As a result, she lost her appetite. She concluded the video by condemning the driver’s behavior and saying that DoorDash’s vetting process needs to be “more extensive.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Lezaja via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and DoorDash via press email. The video accumulated over 65,000 views as of Thursday, where viewers urged Lezaja to contact DoorDash.

“Call them! They won’t know unless you make it known. Ugh. I’m so sorry that happened!” one viewer urged.

“contact doordash and Make sure you do a rating on that specific dasher,” a second advised.

“Just give him a 1 star rating. Call DD they’ll give your money back,” a third recommended.

Some wondered why the bag smelling would be enough to warrant a refund from two different services. But overwhelmingly, fellow Dash drivers in her comments criticized the behavior and suggested she “call in and get refund and report driver.”

Other viewers shared their similar experiences.

“First time I ever used DoorDash there was a whole bud in the bag of my children’s food. Took a act of congress for a refund,” one user shared.

“This happens to me ALL THE TIME. My food would STINK of cigs,” a second wrote.

“That’s why I stopped my town is not the best town and I had some questionable, rude ppl drop food off and it always smelled like cigarettes or weed,” a third revealed.

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