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‘My resume will include HVAC technician once I do this’: Mom shares Dollar Tree hack for getting air to children in the back of car

‘That’s your mommy instincts kicking in.’


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Babies, toddlers, kids—it’s easy to forget, they rely on adults for pretty much everything. If they’re uncomfortable in the back seat of a car for instance, they’re not going to adjust the vent or ask you to alter the temperature (maybe older kids will).

If only there was a way to ensure your baby was getting proper ventilation while in the car?

Well, TikToker Mae (@mamamaeoftwo) built a contraption using Dollar Tree supplies to do just that. Her video showcasing the “Dollar Tree Hack” accrued over 1.9 million views.

Tons of viewers are applauding her for budget solution to a real problem parents and their kids face.

“I just made a ghetto-[expletive] vent that goes all the way back to my daughter,” the TikToker narrates as she records her ingenuity.

She attached a small plastic funnel to a foam pool noodle. the contraption is attached to the passenger’s side air vent via tape. The pool noodle goes all the way to the back of the car. It provides cool air to her child in the backseat.

Because Mae’s baby is in a rear-facing child seat, it was difficult for them to receive any type of air flow, even if there are dedicated vents in the back of the car.

@mamamaeoftwo Hack for this summer heat 🥵 #dollartreediy #summerhacks #keepbabycool #fypage #fypシ゚viral @Dollar Tree ♬ original sound – MamaMaeOfTwo

Viewers laud the Dollar Tree car air vent hack

The “hack for this summer heat” she shared online ended up resonating with a lot of parents. “My resume will include HVAC technician once I do this tomorrow,” one said.

“That’s your mommy instincts kicking in. ghetto or not. great job mom!!!!” another exclaimed.

And then there were a few folks who referenced a product that operates in a similar fashion. “There’s a company who makes these! They are called Noggle,” one said.

The product retails for $68 on Amazon and is advertised as a solution that helps to keep both kids and pets cool.

Why ensuring that proper ventilation in a vehicle is so important

About 40 children die every single year in the U.S. from heat stroke or medical complications directly associated with being in a car that’s too hot. According to Injury Facts, Texas and Florida have the highest number of hot car fatalities at 143 and 110, respectively. A Kids and Cars report states that children’s bodies will overheat three to five times more quickly than an adult’s. So ensuring that proper ventilation in a vehicle is paramount for the safety of one’s child.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Dollar Tree via email and Mae via TikTok comment for further information.

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