Black Woman in green suit says job offers daily pay—but now her $1,300 check is $150 on payday


‘Daily pay is a TRAP!!’: Worker says job offers daily pay—but now her $1,300 check is $150 on payday

‘Lord please release me from the shackles of DailyPay.’ 


Phil West


A worker claims that she’s only getting a fraction of what she’s earned on payday via a “daily pay” payment system, and others with knowledge of the payment system are claiming that it’s a “trap.”

The video highlighting the situation comes from creator @raredej, getting more than 696,000 views in five days on TikTok since going up last Wednesday.

The on-screen caption explains the creator’s predicament: “When yo job offers daily pay but you transferred all of your check before payday and now a 1300 check is now $150 on payday.”

@raredej I think they be getting over cause its no wayyy #foryou ♬ I want to buy a gun – Teagan

The video also uses the “I need to buy a gun” sound popular on TikTok — which the Daily Dot discerned is from Ginnifer Goodwin in CBS’ Why Women Kill.

According to DailyPay—one service providing employers and employees what the creator is describing—employers using DailyPay can “empower your employees with access to their earned pay when they need it, and take advantage of additional capabilities to re-imagine your rewards programs and simplify off-cycle payments.”

The site also claims, “Employee time on the job increases by 27% on average when employees use DailyPay — that’s 39 additional days on the job. Give your people the financial control they want, and they’ll give you loyalty and long-lasting employment.”

But that’s not quite the experience that all commenters are having.

“Daily pay is a TRAP!!” one asserted. “And once you get started it’s so hard to get out! Like wait now I gotta wait two weeks for a check? My bills won’t understand.”

“And they just raised the transfer fee!” another claimed. “I already decided I’m deleting the app but now I have to wait for my checks to get back to normal.”

“Lmaoo listen my check was dead $19 one time,” said one, inspiring others to share absurdly low check amounts.

“I really feel like they should limit how much you can take,” someone observed.

Another wryly responded, “Oh they do! Lmao they let us get 85%.. that’s the limit.”

According to DailyPay’s FAQ page, “Each day you work, you build up a Pay Balance in your DailyPay account that can be transferred into your bank account, to your debit card or to your payroll card. This balance is updated when you clock out of each shift. You can request money from your Pay Balance whenever you want to for a small fee. Whatever money is left over in your Pay Balance, after you make transfers during a pay period, will automatically be paid to you on your next payday as Remainder Pay.”

It goes on to explain, “Our software uses an algorithm that prevents you from taking out more money than you have. The Pay Balance you see in your DailyPay account is your net Pay Balance and excludes any estimated taxes, deductions and other withholdings such as garnishments. You can use the DailyPay app, a tablet or computer to access your earned and unpaid income.”

“I would never start ik it will become a addiction soon as i start,” one predicted.

And finally, one prayed, “Lord please release me from the shackles of DailyPay.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @raredej via TikTok comment.

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