Server says customer was upset her drink didn't have latte art. She ordered a hot tea

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‘B*tch it’s water’: Server says customer was upset her drink didn’t have latte art. She ordered a hot tea

'I looked at her never wanting to punch somebody more in the face.'


Angela Littlefield


Posted on Aug 27, 2023

One of users’ favorite pastimes of viewing videos on TikTok is hearing the hilarious storytime videos created by content creators. 

Some of their stories are life experiences they deal with while at work, discussions with family, or any bizarre encounters they experience.  

Actor and server Danny (@dannytheserver) shares and creates content with his 38,100 TikTok followers about customer interactions and crazy stories that happen at his local cafe job. 

In this particular TikTok video, Danny shares about a time a woman was upset that her drink didn’t have latte art—a conundrum since she ordered a hot tea and latte art is made using steamed milk.

The viral storytime video has over 58,500 views and 5,180 likes as of Sunday.

@dannytheserver The people I have to deal with… #fyp #serverlife #serverproblems #baristalife #baristaproblems ♬ original sound – Danny

“The people I have to deal with,” Danny writes in the caption, adding the hashtags #serverlife #serverproblems #baristalife #baristaproblems.  

In his storytime, Danny shares how he was taking orders from a group of women at a local cafe known for its latte artwork. 

One of the women ordered a hot tea, he says, while her friends all ordered lattes. Danny recalls how the woman noticed all the beautiful latte artwork her friends’ drinks had, and asked him, “Where’s my design?” 

“I’m like, ‘Ma’am what do you mean design?’ and she goes, ‘Yeah, I want a pretty heart in my water,'” explains Danny. 

“B*tch it’s water, what do you mean you want a heart in your water?” Danny asks incredulously.

According to, “Latte art is created by combining crema (the light-colored foam on the top of an espresso shot) with the microfoam from steamed milk.”

As the name implies, latte art is made specifically for lattes, since the steamed milk poured on top of the coffee sits on the surface, allowing baristas to manipulate the design. However, the technique would not work for a drink that is merely hot water, like the woman ordered.

Danny later shares that the woman was pretty adamant about having a design in her water and when Danny wouldn’t budge, she allegedly ordered him to bring out some milk so she could do it herself.  

While attempting to pour the milk into the mug to create a design, Danny says the woman ended up making a mess and spilled hot water and milk all over the table. 

“Oh I guess you can’t make a design in water,” Danny recalls the woman saying. 

“No sh*t,” Danny says. To top things off, Danny says the woman asked him to clean up her mess.

Many viewers in the comments were “tickled pink” when hearing Danny’s hilarious reactions to this unruly customer. 

“I’ve worked as a server and this is so funny! The things we have to go through lol,” shared one viewer. 

“I’d give her more napkins and walk away,” said the viewer. 

“When I was a child I believed adult=intelligent. I was so disappointed later in life…,” expressed another viewer. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Danny via TikTok comment. 

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*First Published: Aug 27, 2023, 1:58 pm CDT