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‘Why do they sell it then?’: Customer says Amazon refused to deliver ‘Free Palestine’ sticker. The reason why shocked viewers

'It's time to ditch Amazon.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Nov 7, 2023

TikTok has become flooded with videos of users explaining their feelings about the current situation in Gaza—with some taking the opportunity to educate viewers on the history of the region, calling on them to support a variety of perspectives.

To show their support, some might gravitate toward a t-shirt, or a banner for their home. One Amazon customer has taken to TikTok to slam the company after her attempt to purchase a sticker showing support for Palestine was totally denied.

In a video that has drawn over 400,000 views on TikTok, user @onyxbeautyltd_ says she ordered a “Free Palestine” sticker with the intention of putting it on her car.

However, before she could receive her sticker, she received a call from Amazon making her aware of a company policy barring the sale of items that advocates for what she says the representative called an “act of terrorism.”

“So I just got a phone call from Amazon, yeah, and do you want to hear the joke?” she says in the video. “I ordered a little Free Palestinian sticker for my car, because I was going to slap that b*tch on there, let everyone know what side I bloody support. Amazon called me, and said, ‘Because it’s an act of terrorism currently, I will not be receiving my parcel.’ Sorry? What?”

The policy, which is part of Amazon’s community guidelines, prevents sellers from providing content for sale that advocates harm to oneself or others, including threats of terrorism. However, there is no additional language in the policy to clarify what qualifies as terrorism.

“We don’t allow content that advocates or threatens physical or financial harm to yourself or others,” the policy reads. “This restriction includes terrorism.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to Amazon via email regarding the video via email, as well as to @onyxbeautyltd_ via TikTok direct message.

Many commenters shared that they had since canceled their Amazon accounts and subscriptions, although they did not directly state whether it was because of this video.

“I have canceled my Amazon account two weeks ago, no more!” one commenter wrote.

“Well I have just cancelled my amazon prime membership,” another said. “there’s not even an option to write why I have chosen to cancel. there not bothered.”

“I have canceled today my Amazon account,” a further user claimed.

Others shared that they had found ways around using the e-commerce giant to complete purchases, advising others to do the same.

“Use Amazon like a catalog,” one commenter suggested. “Then go to the direct website to order.”

“Find what u want and then search the companies separately or find another store that also carries what you want,” another shared.

“Use Etsy, support small businesses and get your product,” a viewer commented.

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*First Published: Nov 7, 2023, 11:42 am CST