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‘You will close when I’m done shopping’: Retail worker says customer came in 5 minutes before close. He then shopped for 40 minutes

‘To y'all who thinks that the [customer] was in the right, work retail for a full month then see if he's right.’


Phil West


Posted on Jun 27, 2023

Some retail shoppers don’t understand the concept of closing time. That’s according to a retail worker who reports that a shopper came in five minutes before the end of the day and then proceeded to shop for a full 35 minutes beyond the posted closing time.

The video, from TikTok creator RoninGT (@roningt), reached more than 484,000 viewers since being posted to the platform Monday. The caption provides some context, reading, “Why Working in Retail Sucks: Last-Minute Customers.”

RoninGT started the video saying, “Some of y’all are gonna be made about this one, and that’s okay.”

@roningt Why Working in Retail Sucks: Last-Minute Customers #retaillife #customerservice #nolatecomers #workerrights #justsayno #pettysquad ♬ original sound – RoninGT

The creator explained, “I’ve worked retail most of my adult life. And if there’s one thing in retail that I absolutely hate, it’s when a customer comes in right before you close.”

He then relayed an encounter with a customer who came in five minutes before the store was due to close. “I walked up to him in my best customer service voice, very polite and said, ‘Sir, we’re closing in five minutes, just so you know.'”

But instead of understanding the worker’s plight, the customer said, “You will close when I’m done shopping.”

Operating under the premise of “the customer is always right,” the creator proceeded to carry out his closing routine while the shopper went through the store for a full 35 minutes after closing. The creator reported that the customer then, “rolls up to my register with his smug grin on his face. He goes, ‘I’m ready to checkout now.'”

The worker’s response was, “Well, it sucks to be you because we closed 35 minutes ago and I’ve already shut down all the registers.”

RoninGT shared, “He was big mad, but I’m petty enough to waste your time and my time.” He then advised his viewers to, “Stay petty.”

Commenters were right there with him.

“To y’all who thinks that the [customer] was in the right, work retail for a full month then see if he’s right,” one observed.

“Everyone should have to work in retail or customer service at some point in their life!” said another, presumably recommending it for its karmic properties.

Others said if they were a customer who arrived towards closing time at a store, they would not be meandering.

“If I have to come in right before close,” someone noted, “I’m hustling and it’s usually something I need and can’t wait til tomorrow and I just got off work too.”

“Same,” concurred someone else. “I’m practically running to get that one item and get out.”

Some workers with retail experience also confessed to instances of their own pettiness.

One recalled, “I jokingly announced, ‘dear customers, we closed 45m ago. If you are still here get the f- out’ on the speaker … there WERE 2 customers we didn’t see.”

Another shared, “My last closing at the store I worked at in HS I announced, ‘The store is now closed. Smithers, release the hounds.'”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 27, 2023, 1:19 pm CDT