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Architect sues over blog campaign that claims he has a ‘micro penis’

John Wender says that he has been “irreparably harmed” by a campaign of digital slander.


Miles Klee


Google “John Wender,” the name of a manager at New York architecture firm Bartolone Wender Architects, and you’ll find a slew of eerily similar rants.

At least a half-dozen WordPress sites with titles like Truth About John Wender, John Wender Liar, and even 50 Shades of John Wender all look to be the product of the same mind, and all paint an unflattering picture of their subject, accusing him of being a narcissist, a drug addict, an abuser of women, and an illicit fetishist who’s into rope play and BDSM.

He also apparently has a “micro penis” swarming with sexually transmitted disease.

But Wender has a fairly good idea who’s behind these attacks, and he filed a $1.25 million lawsuit against her with the Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Named in the motion is Louise Silberling, who attended Wender’s high school and is an editor at The Philosophical Review, a quarterly journal produced by Cornell University and Duke University Press.

Wender claims that he has been “irreparably harmed” by a campaign of digital slander Silberling initiated a year after they met online and had a three-date fling.

Silberling has dismissed the claims as “bogus,” and, perhaps tellingly, none of the offending material has been deleted in an effort to cover the accused stalker’s tracks.

“John Wender specifically enjoys the humiliation of a woman sexually and will frequently force himself on her in a violent and controlling way,” reads a typical post, many of which come along with unrelated bondage photos, links to Wikipedia articles on various personality disorders, and SEO-conscious tags like “BDSM” and “slut.” The author even added “updates” in a few comment sections: 

He is still married yet now has impregnated one of his sluts who is keeping her bastard child! John Wender is now going to be a father again at the age of 53. During this he’s continuing his seedy BDSM lifestyle, drug abuse and quest to f*ck and f*ck over every woman in NYC with that tiny STD infested weiner. 

Wender spoke bluntly and emphatically about Silberling’s alleged activities: “It’s affected my life, it’s affected my kids’ lives. She’s insane.” In any case, you can bet that nobody’s coming out of this mess with clean Google results.

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