TikToker explains how her Male co-worker comes into office on WFH just to get away from wife


‘Thank God it’s finally Monday’: Male co-worker comes into office on WFH just to get away from wife

'And this is why i prefer staying single.'


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Posted on May 17, 2023

In a now-viral video, a TikToker delineates an awkward conversation she had with a co-worker that revealed a deeply rooted resentment he had for his wife and children.

A TikToker named Ari (@theflyingarioh) posted the clip on May 16. In one day on the platform, it has garnered over 313,000 views.

“So, I used to work with somebody who would constantly come into the office, even on the days we were supposed to be remote,” Ari says in the clip. “And this dude lived like three hours away from the office. So, of course, I got curious, and I was like, ‘Do you not like working from home or something?’ And then he said, ‘No. I just don’t like being around my wife and kids.'”

Ari says she laughed awkwardly, hoping her co-worker was joking. She later finds out that he was not.

“But apparently, he was being serious because I later learned that the other team members who went out to drink with him regularly knew all about how much he hated his family,” Ari says.

@theflyingarioh Idk why this man openly admitted his hatred for his family to his coworkers 🙃 it was almost as if he was proud of it or something bc he did NOT stop talking about it #coworkersarenotyourfriends #misogynisticculture #marriageisnotforeveryone ♬ original sound – Ari

She continues to say she was shocked to hear how others in the office “normalized” crumby marriage.

“The worst part of it was that everybody around me was normalizing it,” she says. “I’ve heard things like, ‘Oh, that’s just how marriages are;’ ‘That’s the end of your life;’ ‘All men hate their wives.’ You’re just admitting that you have a shitty marriage.”

The TikToker concludes by expressing sympathy for her former co-worker’s children.

“Imagine you overhear your dad saying how much he hates his family and he would much rather work than spend time with his family,” she says. “Yeah, his kid is definitely gonna need therapy.”

In the video’s caption, Ari adds that she’s confused why her co-worker would “openly” admit to his colleagues that he hates his family. She says he almost seemed “proud” because “he did NOT stop talking about it.”

In the comments section, viewers said Ari’s experience wasn’t uncommon.

“I hear so many men at the office say things like that… it’s sad,” one TikToker said.

“I used to work with a guy who had 4 kids and he always said ‘thank God it’s finally Monday,'” a second wrote.

“I had a male co-worker who was a new dad and he worked late hours (when he didn’t have to) because he didn’t like hearing his baby crying…,” a third shared.

“I know a guy who also runs away from his family on WFH days.. I think he’s just an unsupportive husband and father…,” another opined.

The Daily Dot contacted Ari via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 17, 2023, 4:05 pm CDT