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‘Not the first time I’ve heard this!’: Uber Eats driver says he delivered to Chris Brown’s house. His tip was $1

'Color me shocked.'


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Posted on Apr 23, 2024   Updated on Apr 23, 2024, 2:57 pm CDT

It’s a pretty common thing to expect celebrities to be good tippers. After all, they have the money, right?

Even if a celebrity isn’t going around handing out hundred-dollar bills to every worker that serves them, at minimum, they should tip as much as any other person would. Usually 15-25%, depending on the service.

That’s why it’s surprising and stings a bit extra when a person with more financial means ends up tipping less than everybody else.

In a popular Reddit post, user u/Brief_Grape655 said he got a particularly bad tip on an Uber Eats order from a controversial celebrity. According to them, they delivered to Chris Brown’s house and only got a $1 tip.

Even if you add just one fast food meal to your cart, an Uber Eats order is likely going to run you at least $25-$30 with taxes and fees. Tipping just 10% of that is still more than a buck.

This isn’t the first time Brown and the company he keeps have been accused of being bad tippers. Another driver said that they took the order from Brown’s house after four other DoorDashers canceled on them (we wonder why).

When they delivered it, the food seemed to be for Ammika Harris, the mother of one of Brown’s three children. Despite the driver being the only person to follow through on the order, Brown tipped a measly $2.

“I’m just shocked that it was a low tip considering I drove 7 miles,” the delivery person said.

“A man who routinely beats women and pretty much anyone who pisses him off is a bad tipper…color me shocked,” a commenter wrote.

While Brown became famous for his music and dancing skills, he’s now infamous for his violent tendencies, which the public first became widely aware of in 2009 when he punched Rihanna so badly that she needed to be taken to the hospital.

He’s since been accused of sexual assault, punching a photographer, and continued the pattern of domestic violence.

Now, Brown isn’t the only celebrity accused of being a stingy tipper. Harry Styles allegedly only tipped $5 on a $70 meal. That’s about a 7% tip when 15-20% is the standard in the United States. Some pointed out that in Europe, not tipping or leaving 5-10% is the norm. So if he’s playing by European rules versus American rules, he’s in the clear.

However, people should really tip according to local customs wherever they are.

“To be fair this mindset is exactly how people get rich. I’m not saying it’s right, but being prepared to fuck anyone over is a good way to get yourself ahead,” a person said in the comments.

Just delivered to a celebrity
byu/Brief_Grape655 inUberEATS

The rest of the Reddit threads about Chris Brown were full of people calling out other celebrities who are allegedly bad tippers, too.

“I got Charli D’Amelio a couple years back, dropped off six pizzas to her $12,000,000 home on Halloween night for a $0 tip,” a commenter wrote.

Another person recalled a bunch of LA Dodgers coming into her bar and only tipping $80 on a $3,000 drink tab. “I’ve heard from others that a lot of rich people a bad tippers as they don’t know what it is like to struggle and live paycheck to paycheck,” she added.

The Daily Dot reached out to the original Redditor for comment via Reddit direct message and to Brown’s team via email.

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*First Published: Apr 23, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT