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‘Give me a ride home at least?’: Woman confronts man who stole her car. He asks for a lift

'Asking where the e-brakes are mid robbery is actually crazy.'


Parks Kugle


Posted on Jun 10, 2023

Crime has been on the rise since the pandemic. Robberies, burglaries, and violence have all increased as the economy is wracked by inflation. Car thefts have become increasingly common. However, most don’t expect to be asked for a ride by the criminal when they’re caught red-handed.

TikToker Rachel (@girlwithpetsnails) recently posted a video of her catching a thief as he attempted to drive away with her car. The video gained over 1.4 million views as of Friday.

Rachel’s video begins with her walking up to her car, shouting “That’s my f*cking car!”

“Where’s the e-brake?” the thief asks.

“Excuse me? Get out of my car!” she shouts.

“Where’s the e-brake?” he continues to say as he searches the driver’s side floor for the emergency brake.

A short scuffle ensues where she pushes him and shouts for the thief to get out of her car. “I’m going to call the cops,” Rachel shouts.

He complies and responds, “Alright chill, give me a ride home at least?”

“Where the f*ck did you get my keys from?” Rachel asks.

The thief hops into the passenger seat and repeatedly asks, “Give me a ride home.”

White text overlay reads, “He had broken into the house to take my car keys… he saw me arriving home about an hour earlier.”

Rachel continues to argue with the thief as he demands a ride home. The next text overlay reads, “He ran away when I called the police, leaving his skates, wig, screwdrivers, torch lighter & a bible in my car.”

The video cuts to her Ring doorbell, showing Rachel running after her car as the thief screeches down the street, leaving tire tracks along the asphalt.

@girlwithpetsnails girlies always lock all your doors & windows, put the emergency brake on when u park, carry pepper spray/some sort of protection, and dont run up on strangers stealing your car like i did!! #carthief #burgular #gta #crazyguy #onone #selfdefense ♬ original sound – rachel

Many users expressed their concern over the dangers of running after a thief unarmed. Others marveled at the brazenness of the would-be thief.

“Why did you even confront him that’s so dangerous,” one user said.

“Him demanding a ride?!?” another added.

“Girl call the police first and start screaming for help do not do this again,” a user advised.

“Ikr? This could have gone terribly bad, I’m glad she’s safe,” a commenter replied.

“Asking where the e-brakes are mid robbery is actually crazy,” a commenter said.

“Girl you’re brave. I’m glad you’re safe & you got your car back, could’ve been a lot scarier!” a user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rachel via TikTok comments for further comment.

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*First Published: Jun 10, 2023, 1:00 am CDT