people caught eating pizza on a stranger's car


Car owner gets revenge after catching strangers eating pizza on their car



Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 25, 2023

TikToker Jay Garcia (@jaygarcia118) caught a duo using his car as their table to enjoy their pizza. While he couldn’t confront them up close and personal, as he was across the street, he was still able to scare them off.

In the 12-second clip, Garcia films the two people eating pizza off the hood of his car, which was parallel-parked in front of an apartment building. He thinks quickly and blasts his car alarm, which manages to do the trick.

“Caught these people eating pizza on my car. I HAD TOO,” Garcia’s text overlay read.

The woman and man both jump and move away from his car, startled. They proceed to walk away, but not before the woman looks in Garcia’s direction and flips him off.

“The disrespectttttttttt,” Garcia captioned the video.

@jaygarcia118 The disrespectttttttttt #prank #pizza #alarm #fyp ♬ original sound – JayGarcia

The Daily Dot reached out to Garcia via Instagram direct message. His video garnered over 262,000 views. People were especially stunned at the audacity of the woman’s actions after she got caught.

TikToker @bluerouge6 said they would have “chased” the woman if they had been in Garcia’s shoes.

“I know she didn’t just flick you off. The audacity!” @manahalal exclaimed.

“& then she had the audacity to flip u off??” @katbshaw questioned.

Viewers shared they used tactics such as this to scare people off.

“I do this when I see coworkers looking at my car you don’t need to know what my car looks like inside and out that close and bad,” one user shared.

“When I lived in Queens and saw someone trying to parallel park next to my car I’d always lock or unlock my car, let em know I’m watching lol,” a second remarked.

And in 2021, a woman caught a man pretending her friend’s Lamborghini was his and proceeded to have some fun with it. She played along at first, asking him questions about “his” vehicle like what year was it, before unlocking it and getting in the driver’s seat right in front of him. “He just woke up and chose embarrassment,” one commenter joked at the time.

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*First Published: Sep 25, 2023, 1:42 pm CDT