Burger King customer showing sandwich cut the wrong way (l) Burger King building entrance with sign (c) Burger King sandwich cut the wrong way (r)

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‘Well technically it is in half’: Burger King customer asks worker to cut sandwich in half. It backfires

‘You know how hard it was to eat this way…’


Eric Webb


Always be specific. One TikTok creator recently learned this the hard way at Burger King.

Creator @nixster_ this week posted a video about an order at the fast-food chain that didn’t come out like she expected—or perhaps like anyone familiar with sandwiches would expect.

In the video, the creator explained that they ordered a classic chicken sandwich. “This is what I got,” they said, unwrapping the sandwich to reveal it had been cut lengthwise down the middle, like a hot dog bun, resulting in two very skinny halves.  

“Can anybody tell me what they think is wrong here?” @nixster_ said in the video.

@nixster_ Do better Burger King…. This is the 2nd time I’ve asked for the Classic Chicken Sandwich to be “cut in half” and this is what I received… 🤣😂😅 Thought they were being smart asses the first time. Guess not. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #burgerking #onlyinminnesota #fypシ #classicchickensandwich ♬ original sound – Nixster

It wasn’t an isolated incident. The creator wrote in the caption, “Do better Burger King…. This is the 2nd time I’ve asked for the Classic Chicken Sandwich to be ‘cut in half’ and this is what I received. … Thought they were being smart a**es the first time. Guess not.”

The video currently has almost 1,500 likes and 104,000 views.

One commenter, thinking what we were all thinking, wrote, “well technically it is in half.” The creator replied, “Right! You know how hard it was to eat this way …. On the go…. Lol.”

“They did exactly what you requested,” a viewer pointed out. Another person chimed in, “technically correct. the best kind of correct.”

Some people were here for it. “I would love a (sandwich) cut like that,” one person wrote, and another commented, “Kinda like the change up idk.”

“I remember when it was always cut in half. Now they leave it whole. Why did they mess up a good thing?” a commenter added.

“It’s the responsibility of the sender of information to ensure the receiver understands the information way to sender intended it,” another wrote.

“Absolutely gen z cut that no hate,” one viewer commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Burger King via email for comment.

At least this creator didn’t end up like one Burger King customer, who recently claimed she received an undercooked chicken patty in her sandwich.

Of course, burgers are always an option (it’s in the restaurant’s name, after all). One creator recently showed viewers how Whopper patties are cooked.

Update 11:50am CT, June 14: When reached for comment, creator @nixster_ told the Daily Dot that asking for the Burger King long chicken sandwich to be cut in half was a trait she inherited from her mother.

“When I was a kid my Mom and I would go shopping and grab fast food! When we went to BK we would always get the Classic chicken and each get one or share one. My Mom would always ask for it cut in half, so I do the same now, as an adult,” she explained, adding that she doesn’t think it’s “a horrible request.”

Up until the day she created the TikTok, she said she always received her sandwiches cut the other way.

“I was on the run from my chiropractor’s back to work and needed to eat before I got back to the Salon… and well this is what I got!!! For the 2nd time at that same BK.. I got 2 of them and ate one on my way back,” she said, describing the sandwiches as “a mess and floppy.” “I decided to make a TikTok with the other one in the bag.”

At the end of the day, she found the whole thing humorous and thanked Burger King “for the laugh.”

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