Expert reveals how to avoid booking flight on 737 Max 9 plane

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‘I talked to many Boeing engineers who said the same thing’: Expert reveals how to avoid booking flight on 737 Max 9 plane

'It’s one reason I purposely fly Delta too cus they mainly use Airbus'


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Posted on Mar 11, 2024   Updated on Mar 11, 2024, 4:35 pm CDT

Recently, there have been reports of Boeing 737 Max 9 airplanes falling apart during mid-flight, including a panel ripping off and a wing coming apart. A woman revealed how she was able to avoid flying Boeing 737 Max 9 plane with United Airlines. But this trick can be pricey.

TikTok user Raimee (@raimeetravel) mainly posts travel content for her 267,000 followers. This time, she shared about changing airplanes. “So, I specifically booked the flight I have today to not be flying on a 737 Max 9,” she shared. “About two hours before my flight takes off, I get a notification in my app that there has been a plane switch.”

Because of her anxiety, she has tried to not fly on those planes. In addition, she said she heard Boeing employees didn’t want to fly on those planes and that information reinforced her feelings. “I’ve talked to a lot of previous Boeing employees, plane mechanics, and they don’t want to fly those planes either. So, I don’t wanna fly them,” she said.

So, what is Raimee’s secret to avoid flying those planes? “I’m able to change that flight in the United app,” she revealed. “But it’s going to cost me $240.” In her opinion, the content creator was willing to fork over the money for her comfort. “It’s just worth it for me and my mental health,” Raimee explained. Luckily, by getting in touch with United Airlines, she would be refunded for the inconvenience.

Raimee reiterated this in the caption, “Last minute plane switch = I should be able to get a refund.”

@raimeetravel Last minute plane switch = I should be able to get a refund🤞#boeing737 #737max #737max9 #flightanxiety ♬ original sound – Raimee | Travel Tips✈️

The Daily Dot reached out to Raimee via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and United Airlines via press email. The video, which has amassed 901,000 views as of Sunday morning, resonated with viewers who said they share the same fear.

“My partner is a Boeing engineer. I only book Airbus now. They’re pushing them too hard and cutting corners, Boeing planes aren’t safe,” one viewer said.

“I’m with you, Boeing can’t be trusted, they knew their last plane had problems problems, and they let it fly anyway until people died,” a second stated.

“I get it. I just booked flights only after looking up survival stats based on each seat choice and at booking choose the ‘safest’ seats,” a third commented. “Partner thinks it’s crazy but lady booking it said it’s true.”

Moreover, others revealed how they avoid flying the Boeing 737 Max 9.

“It’s one reason I purposely fly Delta too cus they mainly use Airbus,” one user shared.

“I always avoid the max. When flying domestically I try to fly jetblue. I hate spirit and frontier but will fly them over potentially flying on a max,” a second revealed.

A recent report from federal aviation regulators found the company’s culture “lacking” with regard to safety protocols. In response to the crisis, Boeing said it is shifting its employee incentives to reward safety and quality instead of financial results. It is also working to buy back the third-party company that helps build the 737 Max 9, which also faces reports of quality control issues.

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*First Published: Mar 11, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT