Astrology signs as chain restaurants

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‘It’s chaotic but chaotic good’: Astrology expert says which chain restaurant embodies your sign. Aries is Cheesecake Factory. Cancer is Applebee’s

'it’s gonna be a lot and it’s gonna be hot.'


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Posted on Nov 3, 2023   Updated on Nov 6, 2023, 10:21 am CST

A TikTok creator posted a viral video comparing astrological signs to American chain restaurants. The creator has posted three separate videos on this topic and viewers are arguing as to the accuracy of her takes.

Emily (@emilykoko) has reached over 3.7 million views and 220,000 likes on her original video by Friday afternoon. 

In it, Emily starts with the zodiac sign Aries. Emily says Aries is “obviously the Cheesecake Factory.” Her reasons being that the Cheesecake Factory is “aggressive and out of pocket.” 

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“It’s Bible-sized booklet of a menu and it’s vaguely Egyptian, yet Victorian decor,” she says, “It’s chaotic but chaotic good.” 

“Therefore it’s an Aries,” she adds.

Next Emily compares the sign Cancer to Applebee’s. She says that there’s “just something slightly depressing about a place that offers $1 margaritas.” 

She says this is “on par” with Cancers because they are “never really in a good spot.” 

“You know Applebees is kind of the restaurant that your parents take you to to butter you up to tell you that the dog went upstate,” she adds. “Just a tinge of sadness in this place.” 

The next sign to be mentioned in Emily’s original video is Leo. Emily says Leo’s are most definitely PF Changs.

“PJ Changs are not for the girls, and neither are Leos,” she says. 

“Loud, proud, and statuesque,” she adds, “Even if you just get a whiff of a PJ Chang’s you know what you’re getting into.” She says it’s going to be a “flavor explosion, it’s gonna be a lot and it’s gonna be hot, it’s a Leo, 100%.” 

Taurus is the last astrological sign to be mentioned in Emily’s video. Emily compares Tauruses to the Capital Grille. “She is gonna be a bougie b*tch,” she says.

“She is the creme de la creme of American chain restaurants,” she adds. Emily thinks that Tauruses “love to splurge, and love to seem like they’re so fancy.”

She also says that some people may refer to it as the “CRAPital Grille, but that’s just because they can’t afford you.” 

“Stay bougie Taurus,” Emily says, ending her video. 

Some viewers agree with Emily’s choices while others question why she feels so strongly toward certain signs.

One viewer in the comments section asked, “What cancer hurt you? We aren’t that horrible.” 

Emily responded in a video-comment telling viewers she chose the restaurants based on herself. “I’m a Cheesecake sun, Applebees moon, and PF changs rising,” she says referring to her first three signs in her astrological chart. “So really, I’m just roasting me,” she says, “ and some of y’all too.” She captioned this response video, “I love you cancers, here’s a tissue.” 

“Taurus here…accurate,” another comment said under Emily’s original video. 

“Me, a Leo, loved the leo take,” another says. 

One more Cancer commented saying, “You did Cancer dirty, Cancer is Olive Garden.”

Emily has posted two more videos comparing the rest of the 8 astrological signs to chain restaurants. Here’s the breakdown of the other signs:

Astrology signs as chain restaurants

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The Daily Dot reached out to Emily via TikTok direct message. 

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*First Published: Nov 3, 2023, 12:45 pm CDT