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‘I just work for them’: Flight attendant says woman threw things at her car because she works for American Airlines

'I understand that things don't go right with flights... I have nothing to do with that.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jul 27, 2023   Updated on Jul 27, 2023, 12:59 pm CDT

An American Airlines flight attendant has sparked discussion after posting a video in which she says someone tried to run her off the road due to her employment at the airline.

In the video, which has over 72,000 views as of Thursday afternoon, TikTok user Elizabeth Braley (@elizabethbraley4) tearfully recounts the experience.

“Flight attendants should not have to worry about their life trying to just get home,” she wrote in the caption. In the text overlaying the video, she added, “It’s really not hard to be kind.”

@elizabethbraley4 flight attendants should not have to worry about their life trying to just get home #flightattendant ♬ original sound – Elizabeth Braley

At the beginning of the video, Braley says that she was returning home after working an international flight when a car suddenly cut in front of her.

Startled, Braley changed lanes, but the other driver followed. Braley changed lanes again, only to have the other driver do the same thing. This then happened several more times, with the other car matching her speed no matter how much she sped up or slowed down.

“She was literally…trying to run me off the road,” Braley says.

Eventually, Braley decided to move to the leftmost and go as fast as she could to avoid the other driver. The driver kept pace, eventually meeting Braley at her open window.

“She looks at me, and she goes, ‘F*ck your airline!’” Braley recalls. “She starts throwing sh*t out of her car, and it’s, like, hitting the side of my car.”

“Really? You can’t just be kind?” Braley asks, exasperated. “I understand that American Airlines is struggling with operations right now. I understand that things don’t go right with flights, and we have delays and cancelations and everything…[but] I have nothing to do with that.”

“I just work for them, and I get frustrated, too, because we don’t get paid for boarding. We don’t have a contract right now…We are so tired too, but like, really?” she continues. “I just don’t get why people are so cruel sometimes.”

Commenters showed an outpouring of support for Braley.

“I’m glad that you’re OK. There’s a lot of crazy people in this world. You did the right thing,” said a user. “Just remember consider calling 911. Your great.”

“That is insane! I can’t believe someone would do something so dangerous and ridiculous. Glad you are okay!!!” exclaimed another. “sending love and hope you are okay!!”

“I’ve been a bus driver for 23 years and know how you feel. The passengers take their anger out on the wrong people, worse since Covid,” explained a third. “Glad your safe.”

In a follow-up video, Braley thanked users for their support.


little update- thank you to those of you that reached out. i truly love my job and our main focus is safety in all aspects so i did my best to do that in a scary situation. be kind because we are all just trying our best to navigate life 🫶🏻💞

♬ original sound – Elizabeth Braley

Along with thanking supporters and offering more insight into the situation, Braley says that she is glad that her video is also shining a spotlight on the various labor issues flight attendants are currently facing.

“We as flight attendants do not have control over operations,” she details. “When we’re sitting in the airport for a delay, we’re not getting paid. We’re boarding, we’re not getting paid. When we’re in between flights, not getting paid. We only get paid when the plane doors shut and we’re in flight.”

Users in the comments continued their support.

“We need major changes in this industry, including more compensation for flight attendants. Pay should include arrival at airport, as well as minimum pay, even if there are delays [or] cancellations,” wrote a commenter. “It’s insane!”

The Daily Dot reached out to American Airlines via email and Braley via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Jul 27, 2023, 12:58 pm CDT