Amazon driver quits on second day.

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‘I’m just a girl’: Amazon driver quits on second day. Viewers can’t believe why

‘I just had a whole mental breakdown.’


Nina Hernandez


An Amazon driver says she quit on just her second day. She posts a TikTok video explaining why, and viewers are in shock.

TikTok user Rianna (@riannadivine) posted the video on Tuesday. It has already amassed more than 645,000 views. The text overlay reads, “I just quit my second day as an Amazon driver.”

“Oh my god, y’all,” she says. “I don’t know what in my mind thought I was going to be able to be a motherf*cking Amazon delivery driver. I just had a whole mental breakdown. Didn’t even make one trip, b*tch. And I literally just quit on the spot. I drove that big a** truck back around and told them, ‘Yeah, baby, I quit. This is just not for me, b*tch.’”

She then directs her comments to Amazon owner Jeff Bezos directly. “You got people f*cked all the way up. You only paying people $18.75 to drive a big a** truck with 1,000 packages on there in 100-degree heat? And it’s like, ‘OK, you get three hours of overtime pay.’ You are crazy.”

Additionally, Rianna shouts out the women who work in this profession. “Baby, for all the girlies that’s on here that’s Amazon delivery drivers, y’all are some strong b*tches, and I salute y’all, but I can’t do it.”

@riannadivine Im just a girl … #iquit #amazondelivery ♬ original sound – Rianna Divine

In the caption, she writes, “Im just a girl …” However, not everyone in the comments section was accepting of that as an excuse.

One viewer wrote, “welcome to life.”

Other commenters said they understand where Rianna’s coming from. “I worked 3 hours and quit they were mad as hell when I came back with that van full of packages,” wrote one viewer. Rianna replied, “Ok twin.”

Another person wrote, “I did AMAZON FLEX ONE TIME, I said let me focus on my real estate business.”

Rianna isn’t the first TikToker to question Amazon’s labor practices and expectations. A man went viral a couple of years ago after admitting he lasted less than a week on the job. Last year, the United States Department of Labor blasted the company over its warehouse practices. Amazon drivers in Illinois recently went on strike to demand reforms.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rianna via TikTok comment and direct message for more information. It also reached out to Amazon via email.

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