Woman warns against the 50-cent dishes you can get at Target

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‘The 50 cent trap’: Woman warns against the 50-cent dishes you can get at Target

‘Honestly paper cups would’ve been better.’


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As most schools have let out for the summer, many former high school seniors are eagerly planning their first day at college. 

Preparations for this move can be an expensive endeavor. In a survey by the National Retail Federation published in September of last year, polled households estimated that they would spend over $1,300 on goods for their future student life—and that’s not even including moving costs.

In response, young shoppers have sought cheaper alternatives to standard dorm room staples. However, these budget options aren’t always as good as they seem, as TikTok user Molly (@molly.wilgus) noted in a recent viral TikTok.

Are cheap plates and cups too good to be true?

In a video with over 940,000 views, Molly writes, “DONT BUY THE 50 CENT DISHES AT TARGET.”

“OK, I literally know all of you girlies going to college are gonna look at this 50-cent bullsh*t and be like, ‘Oh, let me buy that. It’s so cheap. It’s so good,’” her video starts. 

However, these cups and plates are not as good as they seem.

“It actually gets so dirty so quick, and you will be drinking out of a musty crumb cup all your semesters,” Molly continues. “Do not buy this bullsh*t. Do not. You do not have a dishwasher in that small a** dorm.”

Despite Molly’s warnings, these cheap plates and cups are a staple of college life in America. In a thread on Reddit referencing the plates, one user wrote, “I think every college student alive has owned these in one color or another.”


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Former and current students agree

In the comments section, users shared their own experiences with the inexpensive plates, with one commenter identifying the crux of the issue as “the 50 cent trap.”

“Worst mistake of my life,” said a user.

“Honestly paper cups would’ve been better,” added another.

“Forever grateful to have a dishwasher and full mini kitchen in my dorm,” declared a third.

Several university stories have sparked internet discussion in recent months. One user claimed she was falsely accused of using A.I. to write a paper, while another alleged that she received an inappropriate message from a professor about her “short skirt.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Target via email and Molly via Instagram direct message.

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