Walmart pick-up customer says every item was placed in individual bag for 45-item order

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‘Walmart I’m pleading with you … make it make sense…why is this necessary?’: Walmart delivery customer says every item in 45-item order was placed in individual bag

'But then they'll put 5 glass jars in one bag!!!'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jul 10, 2023

While some cities are moving away from both plastic and paper bag usage, some companies appear to be going all-in.

One such company, according to TikTok user Krista (@_kristab_) is Walmart. In a video with over 18,000 views, Krista says that after placing a delivery order from Walmart, each item from the order showed up in a separate bag. This included both large items like cereal boxes and small items like individual packs of crayons.

“I placed an order for about 45 items, and almost everything was in its own bag,” Krista says. “Why? I don’t understand. Somebody, please, make it make sense.”

@_kristab_ @Walmart I’m pleading with you 😩 make it make sense…why is this necessary?? #walmart #groceryhaul #groceryshopping #walmarthaul #fyp ♬ Cute mischief, scheming (loop) – The Penguin

This has been a common complaint of Walmart customers for several years. Numerous posts on Reddit have documented the phenomenon, with one user showing an order that came with 31 shopping bags and another simply expressing their frustration while documenting the issue.

In the comments section, users claimed they, too, dealt with the issue.

“Hahaha as someone who delivers those order I have the same question for the Walmart employees but yet put 3 2 liter sodas in the same bag,” wrote a user.

“But then they’ll put 5 glass jars in one bag!!!” exclaimed another.

“I do walmart grocery pick up and they almost always put each item in a different bag,” alleged a third.

A 2021 Wall Street Journal article noted that Walmart will sometimes deliver items individually, which can presumably lead to issues with bagging. That said, some offered potential additional explanations.

“Might be a new person,” said a user. “When you’re shopping you’re doing multiple orders at once and they do rush you and want you to bag as you go.”

“Because the Walmart bags are SOOOOOOO thin and tear when you breathe on them,” stated a second.

“As a Walmart employee/shopper we are told to put multiple items in a bag, but it is easy to put one item in a bag. We pick for up to 8 orders at a time so if we are in a hurry sometimes it can happen. Not saying it’s okay cause it’s definitely not!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Krista via Instagram direct message and Walmart via a media relations contact form.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 9:04 am CDT