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‘Kroger sells a pound of crab for $10. I’ll save my money haha’: Viewers divided over Red Lobster’s $20 crab special

‘You can get the red lobster biscuit mix at Walmart, tastes just as good!!’


Beau Paul


Posted on Oct 18, 2023

Are you on board with a $20 plate of crab legs? One woman is warning viewers that Red Lobster apparently has a $20 snow crab leg deal on Tuesdays, but viewers couldn’t agree on whether this a great deal—or worth a pass.

Red Lobster customer Hayze (@itshayzeforme) recently posted a video alerting her viewers about Red Lobster’s Tuesday crab special. The video, posted on Tuesday, already has more than 2.5 million views as of Wednesday afternoon. 

“This is your friendly reminder to go ahead and go to Red Lobster this Tuesday for the $20 crab special,” Hayze said. As she spoke, a camera panned over a basket of the chain’s famous cheddar biscuits.

@itshayzeforme Tuesdays @Red Lobster!!$20 crab leg special worth every penny! Dont play yourself… run to Red Lobster 😋#redlobsterspecials #crablegtuesday #foodie #atlfoodies ♬ Great Gatsby – Rod Wave

“The biscuits melted in our mouths,” Hayze said as a plate of the crab legs were set down on the table. “Comes with three huge clusters of crabs. We got the garlic butter ones.”

The total? $20, Hayze said. “Ten out of ten,” she added.

The so-called deal didn’t impress everyone, though.

“Kroger sells a pound of crab for $10. I’ll save my money haha,” one user wrote.

“Sam’s has a 5lb box for $40 just buy garlic butter spread and top it easy peasy!!!” another said.

“You can get the red lobster biscuit mix at Walmart, tastes just as good!!” a third person added.

A fourth viewer, meanwhile, brought up a similar deal at a rival chain restaurant. “Wild fork has a small box with about 5 clusters for $25,” they wrote.

Nonetheless, many of Hayze’s viewers said that they appreciated Red Lobster’s deal. If anything, they were frustrated that the chain only had the crab leg deal on one day of the week.

“WHY AM I SEEING THIS AT 11PM ON TUESDAY,” one viewer complained.

“Olive Garden, red lobster, and Applebee’s have all the good deals lately… and I live by all three in the same place,” another wrote.

Indeed, details for Red Lobster’s daily specials are on the chain’s website. While the roughly $20 price tag is standard for each special, prices may vary by location. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hayze via TikTok comment and to Red lobster by email for comment.

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*First Published: Oct 18, 2023, 1:29 pm CDT