Twitter roasts Trump golf club over pitiful plate of ‘vegetables’


Not everyone loves vegetables, but even the most ardent (or hungry) veggie enthusiast would find it hard to choke down the offerings at one of President Donald Trump’s golf clubs.

On Monday, the official Twitter account of Trump National Golf Club in Hudson Valley blasted a photo of a pitiful gathering of food. The image appeared to show a fistful of microgreens wrapped in rice paper, slivers of cherry tomatoes, a dollop of unidentifiable goop and a scattering of corn. It’s unclear what’s sticking out of the wrap (maybe a cry for help?).

Trump National Golf Club in Hudson Valley tweeted a photo of unappetizing vegetables. TrumpGolfHV/Twitter

The golf club did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment on what the heck the meal is supposed to be, and the tweet itself was deleted in less than an hour. But the wannabe food was still rightfully roasted on Twitter.

People also went after the design of the image. In an insult to moms, the photo was captioned, “When your Mom said ‘eat your vegetables,’ we heard her loud and clear.”

There’s really only one thing to say about the photo—veggies, font, and all.

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers is the IRL editor for the Daily Dot. Her work has appeared in Central Texas publications, including Austin Monthly and San Antonio Magazine, and on NPR.