A sexy, naked cowboy wants to be the prime minister of Denmark

A 51-year-old Danish man has thrown his cowboy hat in the ring to be the next prime minister of Denmark. But that’s not the only thing he’s thrown.

Posters for John Erik Wagner’s campaign have gone up around the country, and in addition to a bare chest and a stetson, you can also clearly see the profile of his penis. 

John Erik Wagner

The translation of the slogan reads “Vote for Wagner, it benefits.”

“I’ve been trying to get elected for 10 years now, and this is my third election, so I thought I’d try something different,” he told the Guardian. “Other candidates’ posters are boring—just like passport photos—so I wanted mine to surprise people… It helps to look good if you want to be in government and people say I have a nice body, so I thought, ‘This is me, here I am.’ I wanted to get my name out there.”

The Dane is a clothing designer by trade, and part of his platform, other than full-frontal nudity on promotional materials, is making dentist visits free and abolishing unemployment in favor of basic wage for all.

He’s tried other gimmicks in his past campaigns, to no avail. Somehow, posing as a criminal didn’t work.

He also went for the old-timey gangster look, which, again, shockingly did not snag him a spot in office.

If at first you don’t succeed… stop trying.

Photo via John Erik Wagner/Facebook

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas is a lifestyle reporter and activist. Her work has been published by Fusion, Fast Company, and Today. She’s also served as an editorial campaigns director for Purpose PBC, a social movement incubator.