Seriously guys, get back to work! 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might be getting tired of his heroic counterpart, Newark Mayor Cory Booker—if his new parody video is secretly telling us anything.

Similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s rivalry with his enemy/mailman Newman, the Republican governor finds himself being upstaged by his Democratic counterpart in a three-minute clip uploaded late Tuesday. It was produced for New Jersey’s annual dinner for journalists who cover the state legislature.

Booker, who shovels snow for his neighbors and rescued a person out of a burning building in April, does many of the same things in the video. Christie’s tire goes flat and Booker is shown repairing. “Booker!,” shrieks Christie. In another scene a (fake) baby falls from a balcony and Booker pushes Christie out of the way to catch it.

It ends well for Christie, however, as he thwarts booker on an alleged phone call with Mitt Romney about becoming his presidential running mate. “Christie!” shouts Booker.

The video has racked up 15,000 videos and 70 comments, most of which are political vitriol.

One joked that “of course the tire goes flat on Christie’s side of the car,” and another person thought the video is certainly not worth a Webby. “Not very funny. Too long and drawn out. Comedic timing is not executed well. Needs a re-edit,” kristinchow wrote.

Maybe Booker can save this too?

Photo via YouTube

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