Second Biden Twitter account will ask for your vote rather than answer questions.

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has just served up two scoops of VP for tweeters to enjoy.

Obama’s campaign launched a Twitter account for Vice President Joe Biden (@joebiden) Monday morning to “keep you up to date on what the VP’s up to.”

Most of the tweets will be sent by Obama’s campaign staff but those containing “Joe” will be from Biden himself. Similarly, Obama uses “bo” in tweets made by the president himself.  

“I’m for the Buffett Rule because it just makes sense. Like the President says—it’s not class warfare. It’s math. -Joe,” tweeted the account.

So far the account has collected an impressive 53,000 followers, including reporters like Mark Knoller and parodies like the Democratic Machine.

This is the second Twitter account affiliated with Biden. For the last nine months Biden and his staff have used @VP to answer “questions submitted by Twitter users through the hashtag #AskVP,” reported The Hill. The office of the vice president will continue to run @VP while the re-election campaign will run @joebiden. It remains to be seen whether twice the Twitter accounts will yield twice the veep’s own, personal gaffes tweets.

While Republicans are busy figuring out who will represent its party this fall, Obama’s social media experts are hard at work getting his message out—one 140-character-long message at a time.

Photo via Center for American Progress Action Fund

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