Ben Shapiro departs interview after getting feelings hurt

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Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro rose to prominence over his ability to COMPLETELY DESTROY and ANNIHILATE debates. In fact, YouTube is littered with clips of Shapiro taking questions after his lectures where he uses “facts and logic” to take 20-year-old college students to task.

But when faced with a journalist at the BBC, Shapiro couldn’t handle the inquiry, eventually walking off the set.

Shapiro on Friday was doing press for his new book, The Right Side of History, and was pressed by BBC host Andrew Neil, especially over his support for Georgia’s new abortion law.

Neil is a prominent conservative in British politics, but Shapiro called him a biased member of the “left.”

Shapiro wouldn’t stand for Neil reading his old tweets, where he once declared that Arabs like to live in sewage. At one point, Shapiro called having his statements read back to him were unfair and designed to make him look bad.

Eventually, frustrated with the interview, Shapiro took off his mic, concluding that “I’m popular and no one’s heard of you.”

Shapiro—who infamously has declared “facts don’t care about your feelings”—got roasted online for being in his feelings about facts.

Shapiro did finally address it this morning, declaring himself bested and “saying he didn’t prepare.”


David Covucci

David Covucci

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