Bottom for Hillary is the best pro-Clinton campaign ever

bottom for hillary

It’s intended as a compliment to the former Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton is at the top of the world right now, but one man wants her to know he’s willing to bottom for her. Right before Clinton officially announced her candidacy for president last Sunday, a San Francisco man named Ryan was already getting the word out by holding up a cardboard cutout of Clinton and selling T-shirts with the message: “I’d Bottom for Hillary.”

Bottoms for a better America

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By “bottom,” he is, of course, referring to being on the receiving end during sex, or what the dude on the left is doing in this photo:

Bottoms for a better America!

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Ryan hasn’t returned the Daily Dot’s request for comment, but he did tell Fusion that there are loftier ideals behind his Bottom for Hillary campaign. “With bottoming, there’s a lot that goes into it. A lot of homosexuals understand the concept,” he said. “Bottoming for someone takes a lot of trust and understanding.”

He also made sure to clarify that the campaign is staunchly pro-Hillary. “It really is a compliment to Hillary. [Being willing to bottom for her is] kind of the same relationship that a lot of people have with Hillary Clinton.”

If Hillary doesn’t use Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” as her campaign song, then we don’t even know anymore.

H/T SFist | Photo via Bottom for Hillary/Instagram

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

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