Woman at work walking and speaking caption 'Guys it happened again I'm getting sent home for my outfit' (l) woman posing in dress at work caption 'This time the HR girl approached me. I'm about to ask her' (c) woman speaking at work caption 'I'm sorry you still can't wear that it's way too revealing and distracting' (r)


‘Does HR’s husband work there?’: Woman claims she was sent home for wearing ‘revealing clothes’ at work, sparking debate

‘HR outing herself because she’s the one getting distracted.’


Braden Bjella


Earlier this year, a woman on TikTok went viral after claiming that she was sent home from work by human resources for her outfit. Now, she’s saying it happened again.

In a video with almost 19 million views, TikToker Marie Dee (@notmariedee) claims she was sent home by “the HR girl” because her outfit was “too revealing and distracting.” The outfit is a bodycon black dress.


This is getting ridiculous.

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In a follow-up with over 3 million views, she claims to test the theory that the “HR girl” was simply jealous. To do this, she wears a different dress and presents it to another (male) HR person, who reacts positively, even encouraging her to do a spin.

@notmariedee Replying to @s0cialgarbage ♬ original sound – NotMarieDee

Initially, commenters came out to support Marie.

“You look very professional,” wrote one user. “I think the HR girl is a bit jealous that you are so beautiful.”

“Document it and call a lawyer. Document what everyone else in the office is wearing,” advised another.

However, while commenters under the former video seemed to support Marie, users under the latter video began to suspect something was amiss.

“Ok I feel like this definitely has to be a joke,” wrote a TikToker. “The last one was insane but THIS. If not, then HR is the problem.”

“Lol the amount of people who didn’t take 5 seconds to look at your content and think it’s real,” agreed a second.

Upon further investigation, it would seem that many of Marie’s videos about her workplace are, in fact, jokes.

For example, in one video, she begins a series in which she flirts with a “new co-worker.” However, the Daily Dot has confirmed that Marie has known the man in question since before her company existed and that they have been in a relationship for years.

Furthermore, posts on Marie’s main TikTok account reference the fact that she works with her father, who seems to be the boss at the company she works at.

Regardless of the truth of the situation, TikTokers still seemed to enjoy the journey.

As one user wrote, “I absolutely fell for it. LOL.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Marie via email.

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