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‘I’m not gonna f*cking tip you when all you’re doing is taking a cup and handing it to somebody’: Former service worker calls out Starbucks drive-thru tipping

‘Don’t downplay baristas, it’s a very high stress job.’


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Tipping culture remains a heated topic of debate on TikTok. Numerous users have gone viral after sharing their stances on tipping, with many stating their belief that, though they want to support workers, the amount of places customers are expected to tip is “getting out of hand.”

Users have told stories about being asked for a tip on pick-up orders, being denied service due to not tipping in the past, and even their belief that default tipping options on service terminals are unreasonably high.

Nowhere is this discussion fiercer than at Starbucks. Recently, Starbucks rolled out the ability for customers to tip baristas using their credit cards. While many have enjoyed this service for in-store orders, the system was also set up for the drive-thru, leading to numerous customers debating whether they truly need to tip in this situation.

Now, another user has gone viral for sharing their perspective on drive-thru tipping. In a video with over 644,000 views as of Saturday, TikTok user Meghan (@meghanelinor) says she’s against drive-thru tipping.

“No ma’am, we are not tipping at the Starbucks drive-thru,” she says. “Fuck no.”

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In the video, Meghan says she’s “exceptionally passionate” about this issue as a former service industry worker of nine to 10 years.

“That shit is hard, being a server, being a busser, being a runner — like, that shit is real difficult, so yes, I will 100% tip you 20, 30, 40 percent every single day of the week,” she claims. “But Starbucks workers, listen, I love y’all, I do, but I’m not going to fucking tip you when all you’re doing is taking a cup and handing it to somebody outside the window.”

In the comments section, users were divided.

Some supported Meghan’s proclamation, claiming that it should be on Starbucks, not the customers, to adequately pay their workers.

“If they can charge us $8 for one large drink, and $30 for a cup, they can pay their employees a living wage w/o tips,” a user wrote.

“Why can’t everyone just be paid a living wage from the company they work for despite the job they work???????” another asked.

However, other users defended tipping at Starbucks, drive-thru or otherwise.

“I’m a former starbucks worker.. I was making $8 an hr! While making 100+ drinks a day. it’s not as easy as you say,” a commenter explained. “Plus those tips are being divided.”

“The same argument can be used with servers. They take a plate and place it on your table so why are standards different for them,” questioned a second.

“You’re tipping everyone, the barista that made the drink, the person that took your complicated order, the person getting your food and yes the person,” detailed a third.

“As someone who worked as a server, I tip anyone who is doing a service for me that I could do myself. you pay for that convenience,” an additional TikToker concluded.

We’ve reached out to Meghan via email.

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