woman speaking with caption 'How did you catch him cheating?' 'I gave him my old Apple Watch' (l) woman speaking with caption 'How did you catch him cheating?' 'because I knew that he was not gonna be smart enough to delete the messages' (c) woman speaking with caption 'How did you catch him cheating?' 'he was sleeping with this random woman' (r)

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‘If only he put half the effort in the relationship’: Woman caught ex-husband cheating because he forgot to delete texts from his Apple Watch

‘Your gut is ALWAYS right!!!!’


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Forget looking through a partner’s phone: One woman says that she caught her ex-husband cheating because he forgot to delete incriminating texts from his Apple Watch.

Sierra’s (@sierraontiktok) cheating saga went viral on TikTok, with her first video racking up over 2.1 million views and 78,700 likes by Wednesday. The Daily Dot reached out to her via TikTok comment. 

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In it, Sierra explained that her husband’s skill of lying kept her in the dark for a long time. 

On the nights he would cheat on her, he sent her pictures of himself out with his friends.

“So he was really good at what he did and covering his tracks,” she said.

This deterred suspicion for a while, but Sierra couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling in her gut that something wasn’t right. “There’s some sort of emotional disconnect,” she recalled feeling. 

But since she didn’t want to ask her husband to look through his phone, she decided to catch him on her own time—literally. 

She did so by lending him her old Apple Watch. “I knew that he was not gonna be smart enough to delete the messages off his watch after he deleted them off his phone,” she explained. 

The plan paid off, and she soon discovered him asking a random woman to meet up. “It was like ‘Hey, I’m in the city. Do you wanna meet up? By the way, this is so and so, we met like 16 months ago,’” she said of the texts. 

Although Sierra was in complete denial at first, she eventually confronted her husband and learned that he had been sleeping with this woman. She wasn’t the only one, though. After he lied in couples therapy, it came to light that he had cheated on her with multiple women.

“It’s all very traumatizing and sad,” Sierra said as tears welled up in her eyes. “I laugh about it because that’s the only way I know how to cope.”

Viewers were shocked at her discovery and flocked to the comments to offer words of support.

“Women’s intuition is very real,” said this user.

“Your gut is ALWAYS right!!!! & wheeew, them Apple Watches gon always get you caught up,” added another.

“The Apple Watch was so smart!” a third commented.

A fourth criticized the man for putting effort in all the wrong places. “If only he put half the effort in the relationship that he did in sneaking around,” they wrote with an eye-roll emoji.

Many more were terrified at how good some people are at deceit. “’He was good at lying’ oh god,” another replied.  

The Apple Watch has proven to be a smart tactic for many people to catch their partners lying. 

“I caught my ex hiring escorts from his Apple Watch… always check the watch if somethings off,” a woman shared. 

Another wrote: “Just leaving a 11 yr marriage. My spouse did the same thing. Double life. Four women confirmed. Stay strong!! Trust your gut!! #ilaughtoo.”

One woman even uses the Apple Watch trick to spy on her teenage son: “The old Apple Watch trick! To this day my teen has no idea how I spot check his texts! Lol,” she shared.

Several women expressed wanting to try this tactic. 

“You know what…maybe my man’s birthday gift in august will be an iPhone and watch,” this woman plotted. 

Fitbit is another type of watch that has helped people uncover cheating. In a viral Tiktok, relationship expert Nadia Essex shared her Fitbit story in response to the TikTok trend, “the moment you knew your relationship was over.”

@ladynadiaessex #stitch @megan_boykoff #breakupstory ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

“I thought, let me make him some breakfast,” she said in her video, explaining that her now ex-boyfriend had been gone after a night out.

“I got a notification on my FitBit … the FitBit that we had synched together … that between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the morning, yesterday morning, he had burned over 500 calories.”

Since she wasn’t around to help him burn those calories, Nadia knew that her partner had cheated.

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