Husband attempts to hide his wife's Christmas present in the oven. She accidentally burns it

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‘But like, why’: Woman burns her own Christmas gift after her husband hid it in the oven

"Was he planning on keeping it there the entire time?!"


Sarah Kester


Posted on Dec 11, 2023

When someone warns that you’ll get a lump of coal for Christmas, they may mean it. 

Case in point: one woman accidentally burned her own Christmas gift, after her husband attempted to hide it from her by stashing it in the oven. The story of the mishap was shared in a TikTok, posted by user Kassie (@kassparkk).  

“When your husband thinks a good hiding place for your Christmas gifts is the oven…” the text overlay reads as it shows Kassi holding her burnt Christmas gift — a Victoria’s Secret ‘Glow Waffle’ Honey Joggers Set — in her hands. She flips it over to show more extensive damage on the fabric.

@kassparkk but like why 🥲 #christmas #husbandwife #husbandfail #fyp #marriedlife ♬ Sleigh Ride (Sped Up) – The Ronettes

“But like why,” the caption read with a crying emoji.

By Monday afternoon, the video had received more than 992,900 views. Commenters felt bad that Kassi’s Christmas gift was ruined by her own husband’s careless lack of oversight.

“This would set me off,” a user wrote. 

“This is why you just wrap the present once you get it. You can leave it in plain sight,” another suggested.

A third wondered if the husband’s bright idea was to keep the gift in the oven until Christmas. “It’s like.. 3 weeks away? Was he planning on keeping it there the entire time?!” this user wrote.

Some put the blame on the wife for not checking the oven before she presumably used it. “I don’t understand why anyone turns an over on without checking it,” this commentator shared. “I always check it. Always. Especially since I/you live with other ppl.”

“Lesson def learned,” Kassi replied, with an embarrassed emoji.

Some viewers didn’t even notice the burnt fabric until Kassi pointed it out. “bye i thought it was a weird purple camouflage set,” this user wrote. 

“Took me a min to realize it was cooked and it wasn’t a gold design lol,” another shared. 

In a comment, Kassi shared that her husband has replaced the burned pajama set, replying to one user who tried to console her about the accident.

“If it makes you feel any better, I have these pajamas and they’re terrible!” they wrote.

“It would’ve made me feel better if we didn’t already get a new pair,” Kassi responded, with a crying laughing emoji.

Kassi isn’t the only one struggling to get into the holiday spirit. One TikTok user shared the saga of attempting to return a $472 tree, only to be told the tree had already been returned. Another said that her Christmas was ruined, after her TicketMaster account was hacked, resulting in $2000 worth of tickets being stolen.

Even the famous White House Christmas tree toppled over.

Some commenters on Kassi’s video tried to lighten the mood, making jokes about the fire hazard of stashing presents in the oven.

“He’s actually trying to get you a new house for Christmas,” one user wrote.

“I think the real present was supposed to be the insurance money,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kassi via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 11, 2023, 4:46 pm CST