WikiLeaks truck fails to sell on eBay

There were bidders for that WikiLeaks truck. If only they'd had actual money. 

Mar 3, 2020, 9:18 am*


Lorraine Murphy 

Lorraine Murphy

The fabled WikiLeaks Mobile Information Collection Unit, otherwise know as the WikiLeaks Truck, is back on the block—although not at eBay as we previously reported.

It did actually sell on eBay. In fact, it attracted two bidders using three ID’s, and a top bid of $7,700. But perhaps unsurprisingly the would-be owners ultimately admitted they did not have the money to go through with it.

Anonymous shouldn’t have spent all its money on pizza, obviously! You never know when a mobile art project will come up for grabs.

In an email exchange with the Daily Dot, WikiLeaks Truck creator Clark Stoeckley said the truck is still available to the first person who crosses his palm with $7,500, and rued the shadowboxing that took place throughout the eBay auction.

The highest bidder, cupsx11, bid $7700 retracted his bid after 2 days stating that he entered the wrong amount.  However this was not true because he entered the minimum amount required to be the highest bidder.  This is a violation of eBay’s retraction policy and he has been warned by eBay not to do it again or will face an account termination.

The second bidder created a brand new account called Texas_Cowgirl2012 and bid $7600.  After bidding they created a Twitter account @Texas_CowgirlLOL with the name Stacy Smith.  The entirety of our communication was on Twitter.  They told us that they were trying to secure a loan but could not find any lenders.  We offered to store the truck if they could pay us half now and half when they come to pick it up.

The first bidder also created a brand new account called dker9736  placing an early bid of $7500.  Then they emailed telling us saying they were @AnonDaily on Twitter.  We offered the truck to them at $7500, they just tweeted saying they were not in a position to take care of the truck.

Capitalism is a bitter mistress, as every artist except Andy Warhol found, to his regret.


Still want to support this bizarre controversy-magnet of an art project? Have a thing for men in uniform? Enjoy the scrutiny of Three Letter Acronymed Agencies in the Greater Washington, DC Area? Don’t have the $7,500 handy (as you can see, you’ve plenty of company)?

There’s an app for that. Or at least a sticker.

Stoeckley has a new project, supplying huge decals capable of turning your civilian vehicle into a Wikileaks Mobile Information Collection Unit. Just email [email protected] and await your momentous induction to the Top Secret Wikileaks Fleet. Vehicle not included.

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*First Published: Jan 16, 2012, 10:38 pm