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‘We’ll meet you’: Wendy’s worker agrees to fight customer over messed-up order

'Getting jumped by Wendy’s workers is crazy.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Nov 28, 2022   Updated on Nov 28, 2022, 11:40 am CST

TikToker ShirtBoy Wes (@wesdwayne254) went viral for posting a video of them approaching a Wendy’s checkout counter after an unfavorable drive-thru ordering experience. In the clip, he tells the employee that they “fucked up” his order and that he wants to meet them outside and fight them for their error. The worker agrees to fight and the clip cuts out.


when deez people mess your order up 😐

♬ original sound – ShirtBoy Wes

ShirtBoy writes in a text overlay for the clip: “when deez people mess your order up.” In the clip, he says, “Excuse me, I came through the drive-thru about five minutes a while ago and y’all fucked my order up, I oughta smack the fuck outta all y’all. Y’all line up so I can slap the fuck outta y’all can y’all do that.”

The employee says, “We’ll meet you out at 8” and the clip ends.

On Shirtboy’s profile, it appears that the video is actually a prank clip as his account description reads: “Funny skits just for laughs.”

In another clip, he also accosts a KFC employee and tells them that they messed up his order and that he wants all of the workers in the building to line up because of the poor work that they did.

Several TiKTokers who saw Shirtboy’s first post at Wendy’s wanted to know what happened to him. Some thought that he was savagely beaten by the employees outside of the restaurant and was sent to the emergency room as a result of his injuries.

“8? Oh she was about whoop you,” a user wrote.

“Bro never posted an update, he in the ER over a fo for fo,” another commented.

“The most professional way to say ‘you got me fd up,'” one viewer said.

Others said that the employee working at the Wendy’s had no problem heading outside to accost him, suggesting that she had no issue in trying to fight him, even if he was making a joke about it.

However, there were also some users on the platform who didn’t take kindly to ShirtBoy’s attitude towards the employees, stating that food service workers go through enough in a day as it is.

“Rule number 1 in restaurants when someone else making you food its not wise to disrespect them,” a user said.

“They don’t get paid enough for that Shi,” another wrote.

There have been reports of food service workers experiencing worsening attitudes from customers since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have also stated that they’ve come across increasingly combative and confrontational consumers in recent years, which has been contributing to a labor shortage in the fast food/fast casual dining industries.

The Daily Dot has reached out to ShirtBoy via TikTok comment and to Wendy’s via email for further information.

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*First Published: Nov 28, 2022, 11:39 am CST