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‘You never had nothing like this’: Waffle House customer shares waffle burger hack

'I better not hear an employee say, 'WE CANT DO THAT.''


Phil West


Posted on Jan 12, 2023

In a quote attributed to Warren Buffett by various people on the internet, the five most dangerous words in business are “everyone else is doing it.” But if you’re a business competing with Waffle House for indulgent customers, the five most dangerous words in business—thanks to an innovative TikToker—are “Waffle House waffle burger hack.”

The video, featuring what’s essentially a bacon cheeseburger with a waffle bun, comes courtesy of user Shantell (@shantellxoxo). It’s attracted a staggering amount of views—more than 4.7 million—in just two days on the platform, with many eager to try it.

In the 26-second video, the creator opens a to-go container featuring the concoction, after setting aside a small container of pickles. She peels back the top waffle of the order, revealing the meat patties, cheese, and bacon underneath while saying, “You never had nothing like this.”

Shantell also offers a possible answer to the inevitable question “Why” via hashtag—namely, #pregnancycravings. Other videos on her TikTok profile feature her talking about her pregnancy, and she revealed in the comments section that she’s six months pregnant.

@shantellxoxo #fyp #foodhacks #wafflehouse #pregnancycravings #viral ♬ original sound – Life of Shantell 🔆

The video’s attracted more than 9,600 comments to date, with many eager to weigh in.

One addressed Waffle House directly with a comment declaring, “I better not hear an employee say ‘WE CNT DO THAT’ when I show them this video and say make me this.”

Another remarked, “Imma have to give them my money today.”

Yet another observed, “I know it’s good, because you’re breathing like me after I put on my clothes.”

But how do you order it, exactly? The creator gave instructions in the comments section, noting, “Y’all ask for Texas bacon melt instead of the Texas toast, use two waffles (one for bottom, one for top), extra steak cut in four slices, add onion and cheese.”

One claimed not to need Waffle House for this hack, saying, “I make these at home all the time; waffle maker always come in handy. The best burger made at home.”

But another commenter, representing what’s surely a significant contingent of Waffle House fans, declared, “Drunk nights just elevated.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Shantell via her comments section and to Waffle House via email to the company’s media relations department.

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*First Published: Jan 12, 2023, 11:16 am CST