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‘Not worth the price to me’: Customer calls out quality of food from DoorDash, Uber Eats

‘It’s no fault of the restaurant or the delivery service.’


Rachel Kiley


Delivery services have become a staple in the modern world, but one TikToker wants everyone to rethink that.

Timmy K (@tkali12) recorded a video from his living room setup, prepared to spend the day watching a big football game. 

“Most people that have a Saturday setup that looks something like this,” he says, showing off his multiple TV screens set to the game. “They’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m not moving off my couch, I’m ordering food delivery’—DoorDash, Uber Eats, whatever. Not me. I actually think that food delivery is so terrible.”

While there have been many TikToks blasting these services for being overpriced, not treating workers fairly, and taking away money from restaurants, Timmy’s issue is a lot more simple. He doesn’t like the degradation of the food quality between the time it is made and the time it gets delivered.

“It’s no fault of the restaurant or the delivery service,” he continues. “I don’t want my food to sit on some counter in a restaurant, and then in the car for another 20 minutes, and then get to me in some styrofoam or plastic tray. To me, that’s no good. That’s not worth the price to me.”

Timmy also suggests that only pizza and Chinese food maintain their quality for delivery and said if he’s not ordering that, he’s spending the game day cooking from home.

@tkali12 Everyone I know does it and I just don’t get it #40takesoffall #90takesofsummer #football #doordash #ubereats ♬ original sound – Timmy K

Despite Timmy’s acknowledgement that a lot of people would just order in for game day, many viewers agreed with his take.

“You’re so right! I’m going shopping Friday evening for beer and game day foods man, air fryer wings are hard to beat,” @glowergod69 wrote.

@katebuschlight griped that delivery means “paying twice as much for lukewarm food,” while @gmoney76761 called it an “absolute W take.”

Another viewer expressed concern over the idea of cooking without missing “any of the action” of the game, to which Timmy admitted you “gotta time it perfectly”—but that having TVs in the kitchen certainly helps as well.

Update 4pm CT, Oct. 13: Timmy told the Daily Dot he was “pretty shocked to see how many people seemed to agree with me considering how popular food delivery is.”

Timmy reiterated his belief that it’s not a matter of something restaurants or delivery drivers could do better but just a “reality that food doesn’t taste nearly as good when it sits in a styrofoam or plastic tray.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a take out meal that was worth it,” he added.

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