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‘Uber is going to take the word of a random rider’: Driver says he was banned after rider falsely reported him for drunk driving

‘Out about $700 or $800 for those two nights.’


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An Uber driver has sparked discussion on TikTok after claiming that he was banned from driving for the service after a customer falsely claimed that he was driving while intoxicated.

In a video with over 34,000 views, TikTok user David (@uberdadnhotwater) tells his story—a series of events that he claims resulted in a two-day suspension even though he does not drink.

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According to David, he had picked up a driver at around 10:30pm. The entire trip, he says the customer was complaining about the price of the ride, as surge pricing caused it to rise to $100. 

“I tried to explain to him I’m the only XL out—I think I was the only Uber driver out at the time, and sometimes that happens,” David recalls.

Soon, David claims he overheard the customer saying to someone on the phone that he “knew how to get a refund on his Uber ride.” 

“That immediately set off a red flag,” David notes.

When David arrived at the destination, he claims that the customer tried to offer him $25 in cash to take him back to the original pickup point. David refused and reported the customer.

“An hour and a half later, I was banned because of drunk driving,” David says. The TikToker denies that he had been drinking and notes that he does not drink in the first place. He also claims that he offered Uber his entire dashcam footage for the evening and even called support to show that he was coherent. Regardless, he was issued a ban.

“Two years of experience, 4,000 rides, 4.99 maintained rating, and Uber is going to take the word of a random rider who, from what I understand from our Facebook page now, has done this to other drivers,” David explains. 

Uber eventually reinstated his account, but gave him a 48-hour “safety” ban. As he explains in a follow-up video, this ban cost him a significant amount of money.

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“I don’t get to work tonight, don’t get to work tomorrow night, so out about $700 or $800 for those two nights,” David details. “It sucks, but it is what it is.”

A later video revealed that he is working again.

In the comments section, users called out Uber for this policy, with many saying they had experienced something similar.

“Happened to me years ago,” claimed a user. “They take the word of the passenger than the drivers. That’s how Uber treats their drivers.”

“This happened to me too,” alleged another. “It’s unfair to us that Uber would choose to believe them and not even listen to our side.”

“Happened to me when I did rideshare. Guy told his friend he gets free rides all the time,” wrote a third. “20min later I’m suspended for a headlight being out. He lied.”

The Daily Dot reached out to David via Instagram DM and Uber via email.

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