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Twitter shuts down woman who has very antiquated ideas about what makes a person gay

'You'd never see a male dog go to another male dog,' she claims.


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Posted on May 1, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 4:59 pm CDT

It’s a myth as old and homophobic as Mike Pence’s political record: If a straight man loves anal sex, he must secretly have gay tendencies. At least, that’s what one Twitter user believes and is being taken to task for in a viral thread.

User NonyeBiko, who says she is both a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs and a Ph.D. recipient in psychology from University of Birmingham, started a thread on Sunday arguing “homosexuality is NOT a choice” and those who are gay “cannot claim you were ‘born with it.'” She also said that being gay is a “psychological issue” and trans women who “feel the urge to act and live like a woman” just need a therapist.

As you would imagine, the original tweet—which has nearly 4,000 retweets and over 590 replies—has sparked outrage, especially since NonyeBiko made sweeping and factually incorrect judgments about sexuality and gender.

“The anus wasn’t designed for arrivals but departures,” NonyeBiko wrote in her tweetstorm on Sunday. “Also, if you’re a man who genuinely fancies inserting your penis into your lady’s anus, I hate to break it to you but you might have some docile homosexuality tendencies.”



Among other things, NonyeBiko also said, “The male is biologically designed to possess sexual affinity towards the female, and vice versa,” meaning “the penis and the vagina working towards the ultimate goal of procreation” is apparently humanity’s ideal. This, she concluded, means nature “demands that we stay true to our biological setup.”

“You only feel like you want to be with men because that’s what your mind is telling you,” NonyeBiko tweeted. “You’d never see a male dog go to another male dog. Why? No mind to think that.”




Of course, it didn’t take long for people to point the many factual errors in her analysis. After all, homosexual behavior has been widely observed in species around the world, from mammals to insects. This includes humans: There’s nothing psychologically wrong with being attracted to someone that shares the same gender as you. Nor is it wrong to transition genders. They are part of healthy human experiences.

Likewise, wanting to have anal sex as a man doesn’t make you gay. It just means you like giving (or receiving) penetrative sex with a woman in a specific way. It means that you like to stimulate this erogenous zone. In other words, NonyeBiko’s claims make no sense.

“Everything in this thread is based on assumptions and it’s sad how people will mistake it for facts,” one Twitter user replied. “There is zero research done here and psychologists would disagree. You have no idea what kind of damage you [sic] doing.”

That’s when NonyeBiko claimed she has a Ph.D. in psychology.


This did not sit well with Twitter.


Others argued that modern science disproves most of her claims. Trans people are normal, gay people are fine, and there’s nothing wrong with straight men wanting to get off through anal sex.



After all, manipulating science to defend homophobia and transphobia is still bigotry, even if you use big words. Instead of using fake science to make a point, maybe just let people be who they are and stop forcing them to be confined to archaic gender roles.





Twitter roasts are pretty common against homophobes and transphobes, in part because most online bigots are easily dealt with by invoking a bit of confidence and breaking down some of their reasoning.

At least in NonyeBiko’s case, those tactics seem to have worked. She’s since muted the thread and asked people to contact her directly if they want to chat. The Daily Dot reached out to NonyeBiko for comment but has not heard back.

“Everyone is on the woke side now,” she complained in one reply. “Nobody wants to be seen as ‘outdated.'”

For once, NonyeBiko offers some solid reasoning.

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*First Published: May 1, 2018, 3:10 pm CDT