President Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen tweeted a photo of his daughter in lingerie.

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Trump’s lawyer tweeted a photo of his daughter in lingerie—and people are grossed out

After Micahel Cohen tweeted the photo, things got weird quickly.


Andrew Wyrich


Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, drew swift reactions from Twitter users after he posted a black-and-white photo of his daughter wearing a bra and stockings on Sunday night.

“So proud of my Ivy League daughter…brains and beauty channeling her Edie Sedgwick,” Cohen said, adding a link to his daughter’s Instagram account.

After Cohen tweeted the photo, things got weird quickly—with one Twitter user calling Cohen “Mr. Creepypants.”

Another Twitter user replied to Cohen’s picture by saying, “POTUS wants to date his daughter, the VP calls his wife ‘mother,’ and DJT’s attorney posts spank-bank material of his daughter.”

Cohen simply replied: “Jealous?”

Cohen’s one-word response caught the attention 960 people in particular, who generated a flood of tweets expressing their revulsion.

Cohen actually replied to one of the people who weren’t fond of the post, calling them a “#hater.”

Shannon Coulter, a co-founder of the Grab Your Wallet campaign, didn’t seem to think Cohen—who has defended Trump on a number of different controversial issues—should be celebrating the work of Sedgwick.

Coulter posted a picture of Sedgwick that Cohen’s daughter appeared to be emulating.

In a series of tweets, Coulter said: “Edie Sedgwick bucked social norms for women in the mid-1960’s. If you’d been her dad, you’d have been angry and terrified. Gaze is not demure and downward. It is direct. She is not sitting on draped furniture. She is sitting on a man as if he was furniture. Sedgwick represented the epitome of the modern female sexuality the Trump administration is doing everything in its power to suppress. She was an original who would have detested Donald Trump & anyone who helped or represented him. Keep her name out of your mouth.”

In October, Cohen drew ire when he seemed to imply that women coming forward and accusing Trump of sexual harassment were not attractive enough for the president.

“I think what Mr. Trump is really trying to say is that they’re not somebody that he would be attracted to, and therefore the whole thing is nonsense,” Cohen said during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

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