A new study suggests transgender women's quality of life improved after surgery.

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Study: Trans women who had gender-affirming surgery had better ‘quality of life’

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Posted on Mar 22, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 8:54 pm CDT

There may be a link between gender-affirming surgeries (GAS) and transgender women’s happiness. A new study found that around three-fourths of transgender GAS patients “showed a better quality of life” after surgery.

The report comes from the European Association of Urology, where researchers from Essen, Germany, followed 156 patients for several years after their gender-affirming surgeries. Research was carried out by the team with a new methodology called the “Essen Transgender Quality of Life Inventory,” which measures trans patients’ general happiness with life.

“The good news is that we found that around three-quarters of patients showed a better quality of life after surgery,” study lead Dr. Jochen Hess said, according to EurekaAlert! “80 percent perceived themselves to be women, and another 16 percent felt that they were ‘rather female.’ Three women in four were able to have orgasms after reassignment surgery.”

It’s important to note that the study doesn’t necessarily prove all trans people should receive gender-affirming surgeries. Rather, those who felt the need to do so largely felt better about life after undergoing the process. Meanwhile, Hess’ team warned that the study had a high drop-out rate and that trans women from only one specific center were tracked, meaning that more research must be done for an accurate, broader picture.

“We now have the first specific validated tool for measuring [quality of life] in transgender patients, we hope that this means that we can go forward to gather better information to help us improve treatment,” Dr. Hess said.

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*First Published: Mar 22, 2018, 5:49 pm CDT