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Relish a manga horror classic with the Tomie Deluxe Edition

Don’t read it at night if you value sleep.


Colette Bennett


Japan is known for its terrifically frightening horror movies (Ringu, anyone?), but those who love manga think of a different name when it comes to being scared out of their wits.

Manga author Junji Ito’s name is synonymous with fear thanks to his masterpiece Tomie, which is about an impossibly beautiful young girl who simply cannot die. No matter how many times she is killed, she comes back.

This hardcover collection of the Tomie series is brand new from the folks at Viz Media, and the moment we got our hands on it we could tell that any manga collector with a taste for horror would be over the moon for it.

You feel a bit uneasy just looking at the cover, don't you?

You feel a bit uneasy just looking at the cover, don’t you?

Daily Dot

Ito's chilling art adorns the inner pages.

Ito’s chilling art adorns the inner pages.

Daily Dot

At 752 pages, this is a hefty book – but also a treasure for any fan of Ito’s work. The layout is lovingly executed and clearly aimed at collectors who enjoy decorating their bookshelves with beautiful tomes.

Even the black pages have a beautiful (and creepy) touch.

Even the black pages have a beautiful (and creepy) touch.

Daily Dot

At $31.49, it’s much cheaper than collecting all the individual volumes of the manga, and it’s much more handsome to boot. if you don’t care for the weight of a large book, though, the Kindle and ComiXology editions are available for $12.49.

Ito’s last collection from Viz, Uzumaki, is now out of print and sells for just shy of $70 on Amazon. In other words, this one may not last long either, so we’d recommend grabbing it now if you want it. And just in case you weren’t aware, both Uzumaki and Tomie were turned into live-action films too, and they’re every bit as horrifying as their source material.

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