Security guard sniffs woman's butt at gym TikTok


TikTok shows security guard get busted for sniffing woman’s butt at the gym

‘I would be pressing charges this is so unacceptable and dangerous.’


Bryan Rolli


A viral TikTok shows a security guard at a residential gym get busted after sniffing a woman’s butt during her workout—not once, not twice, but four times.

The clip, uploaded by TikToker @famous_d87, has been viewed over 3.6 million times. The security guard can be seen walking up to the woman, who’s doing some sort of bent-over cable rows, kneeling down, and smelling her in the middle of her set. As he does so, the two men making the TikTok can be heard laughing and commenting on it.

“Wow, you dirty motherfucker,” one of them says between laughs.

As if the first transgression weren’t disturbing enough, the security guard does this three more times, each time getting closer to the woman and lingering behind her longer. The woman eventually catches him. The TikTok ends just as the security guard falls over and the woman turns around to confront him.

The TikTok has received over 7,500 comments, with many people confused as to how the woman didn’t notice the guard until his fourth attempt.

“How did she not feel him?? Especially if he was sniffin,” @okayyruby asked.

@geminiofficial echoed that sentiment: “How did she not like feel or sense the presence of him the first 3 times? Lol.”

Other users agreed that the security guard’s behavior constituted assault and the woman would be in the right to press charges. They also slammed the two men who created the video for trivializing the woman’s violation.

“They laughing like it’s so funny..wait till it happens to either there [sic] sisters or daughters,” @lizheredia0 commented.

“I would be pressing charges this is so unacceptable and dangerous,” @bethanylovemonkey wrote. “The fact that these guys are laugh [sic] about it makes it so much worse.”

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