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TikTok shows ‘Kyle’ trying to kick girls out of their community pool

The man continually screams at the girls and calls one a ‘belligerent little child.’


Stacy Fernandez


By Stacy Fernández

Meet Kyle, Karen’s male-counterpart who tried to angrily kick two girls out of a residential pool for allegedly breaking the rules.

“I’m tired of your shit and your shit. I’m tired of you people breaking the rules,” he said in a video posted on TikTok by one of the girls.

“The rules say no cussing. Please don’t cuss at me,” she said.

Throughout the three-part video series, the man, we’ll call him Kyle, screams at the girls to leave the pool. He said he’d already called the cops and they were on their way.

The man, who claims to be the pool manager, said the girl couldn’t have a guest in the pool without adult supervision. In a separate TikTok, the girl explains that her friend is living with her and is therefore a resident, not a guest. It’s unclear whether that’s how the rules in their community work.

Commentors on Reddit, where the video was reposted, explained that the rule in question may be to protect the property owners from liability should something happen to a minor at the pool.

“Regardless of who is right and who is wrong in this situation, mr pool manager does not conduct himself like an adult and could have handled the situation much better,” wrote @emilysn0w.


The man got super frustrated that the two girls didn’t immediately take his word about the rules and leave. The girl filming the video, who never resorted to yelling at the man, pointed out that he was “cussing” and that’s against pool rules. She added that she consistently sees him and his family at the pool after hours.

“Get out!” he screamed in response.

The girl said she’ll wait for the police because she’d like to talk to them about how the man is treating her. In a follow-up post, the girl said she doesn’t think he actually called the cops since she waited 30 minutes and they never showed.

“You’re being a belligerent little child, and I have asked you to leave,” he said.

“You’re being a harassing old man. You are harassing me for swimming at the pool,” she rebutted.

He told her to turn her phone off and said she’s “disrespecting” him.

“Sir. You are screaming in my face,” she responded.

When another adult joins the conversation, the man, who seconds ago was screaming at the girl, switches to a calmer tone of voice.

Two other men, one shown on camera and one heard off-camera, chime in, agreeing with the man. Not one defended the girl or called out the man’s attempt at intimidation.

“I love how you men love to tell me what to do, but I’m a woman, and I’m not going to let you harass me,” the girl said.

“Don’t pull the woman card,” he said.


Again, the man said she’s the one disrespecting him for not “listening” and not doing “as you’re told.”

“We’re not your children,” you hear the girl’s friend say in the background.

In a follow-up video, the girl’s friend said the situation hasn’t been resolved but that her mom is going to talk to the man.


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