Stop, internet—’The Legs’ are not the new ‘The Dress’

Oil or paint on legs

Photo via leonardhoespams / Instagram Kastsiuk Ina / Shutterstock

This isn’t a hard one, guys.

Are we so desperate for a distraction that we are constantly trying to make any minorly confusing image the new “The Dress”? Or do our eyes deceive us that much? 

This time, one corner of the internet tried to figure out whether this person’s legs were covered in oil or white paint—when there was paint right there in the photo. Try harder, guys.

Sure, some people argued that it could be oil, but look at it for longer than a couple of seconds and it’s clear that no lighting could make oil reflect that way.

For anyone who doubts it may be paint, the original photo, taken by Instagram user @leonardhospams, says it is indeed white paint. And also that they’d like you to stop asking about their legs.

i like the feeling of paint on my skin

A photo posted by hunter {THEY/THEM} (@leonardhoespams) on

remember when i posted this and it got 600 likes almost and 157 comments

A photo posted by hunter {THEY/THEM} (@leonardhoespams) on

Recently, the internet tried to pull this stunt with a purse. But maybe it’s just time to accept that there will never be another Dress.

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