Texas Roadhouse customer lifting Styrofoam lid of food container (l) Texas Roadhouse building with sign (c) Texas Roadhouse rolls in Styrofoam container (r)

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‘Nice to see I’m not alone’: Creator’s ‘girl dinner’ is a full box of Texas Roadhouse rolls



Sarah Kester


Since the “girl dinner” trend took over TikTok, people have been savoring every delicious morsel.

Creators have shown off everything from aesthetically pleasing charcuterie boards to mouth-watering snack plates to the newly-added “Girl Dinner” meal at Popeyes that consists of side dishes like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and a biscuit. 

But sometimes, you just want to keep things simple, as one woman did on TikTok. User Mallori (@malorilanae) recently posted a viral video of her “girl dinner,” which consisted of nothing but Texas Roadhouse dinner rolls.

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The “girl dinner” trend took off in May when TikTok user Olivia Maher posted a video of her simple but visually appealing dinner.

“A girl just came on here and said how, like, in medieval times, peasants had to eat nothing but bread and cheese and how awful that was—and she was like that’s my ideal meal,” Maher said in her video, which by Tuesday had been viewed more than 1.4 million times. “I call this ‘girl dinner’ or ‘medieval peasant.’”

@liviemaher #girldinner #medievaltiktok ♬ original sound – Olivia Maher

Soon, the trend took off, with hundreds of women sharing their own delicious and imaginative smorgasbord creations.

The best thing about girl dinner is that it could be whatever you want to be. You could go the aesthetic route and assemble a mouth-watering charcuterie board with fruits, assorted meats and cheeses, and vegetables drizzled in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Or you could take a much more simplistic—but equally delicious—approach like Mallorie did. The Daily Dot reached out to Mallori via TikTok comment.

She had viewers’ stomachs rumbling in her viral video by Tuesday had been viewed more than 9.9 million times. Many viewers found it to be *chef’s kiss*. 

“This is so girl dinner,” a viewer commented. “MY TYPE OF GIRL DINNER FR,” another added.

“This is the one. this is the most accurate,” a third commented. 

Some Texas Roadhouse fans knew that the container contained their famous rolls even before Mallori revealed its contents.


“Why’d I know it was just the rolls when I seen the label,” seconded user Jeovonnie.

Since “girl dinner” involves turning snack plates into dinner, there has been some controversy from health experts. They believe that meals should be balanced by including carbs, proteins, and fats. 

Seeing Mallori’s carb-heavy dinner of Texas Roadhouse rolls helped some viewers feel less alone in their food choices. 

“I usually do a package of Pillsbury croissants with butter. Nice to see Im not alone,” one user shared.

“Me having red lobster biscuits and cheesecake for dinner last night,” another woman commented.

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