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‘Useless b*tch’: Former Target worker shares awful things customers said to her over the most minor issues

Customers are on one these days.


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Posted on Dec 9, 2022   Updated on Dec 9, 2022, 2:27 pm CST

Many employees have used TikTok to share their experiences with customers.

Most of these encounters are mind-boggling and outrageous, and a former Target worker’s recent stories of wild interactions are no different.

User @deenaabeenaa’s video series reenacts her very unique experiences with customers when she worked at Target.

In the first part of her clip, she asks a customer, “How she found everything today?” to which the customer replied, “Terrible. Explain to me what this smut is in this store” while handing her something.

@deenaabeenaa explains how it appeared to be one of their “holiday cookies in their bakery section” and asked, “Is there a problem with it?” The customer replies that the problem was that “the Santa is Black” and asks her if “this is the message the store wants to put out?”

Then @deenaabeenaa tells her that this was “not a productive conversation” and someone else can take care of it.

@deenaabeenaa also shared another interaction, this time with a man who claims that a product “doesn’t work” and demands she “return it.” 

However, she points out an issue with the item in question: whatever was in the bottle was “all gone” and that he “can’t return it.”

This, in turn, leads to the man calling her a “bitch.” Another instance was when the content creator was in her car for her break and a customer knocked on her window, demanding they help her.

Other examples include a woman refusing to stop her kids from opening up toys, a man demanding a $500 refund due to a “scam,” a woman being rude to @deenaabeenaa about scanning items faster for Target Circle, and another telling her to work the Tarbucks (Target Starbucks).

After telling the customer she isn’t trained in that department, they called her a “useless bitch.”

The video racked up over 253,000 views as of Friday, resonating with former and current Target employees as they shared their bizarre customer experiences.

“Worked at Target in 2020, it was the height of the pandemic and I had to explain to a lady why she couldn’t try on lipstick and put it back,” one viewer shared.

“I remember some lady went off on me because the ninja turtles or some other characters had guns. And I guess it was my fault since I designed it,” a second commented.

“I worked at Target about 6 years ago and I had an elderly woman yell at me because I wouldn’t let her use her grocery store coupon for poise pads,” a third wrote.

“On my like 3rd day I had to explain to a customer that he could not take the knives out of the display block for safety reasons. Think of that often,” a fourth said.

The Daily Dot reached out to @deenaabeenaa via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 9, 2022, 2:26 pm CST